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WCA partner Cetacean Society International has added nine fascinating humpback whales to its Whale Adoption Programme.

This programme is set apart from all others because each adoption includes a DVD of the actual whale adopted. The DVDs range from 27 minutes to 40 minutes, showing your chosen whale performing its common behaviours and many include behaviours unique to that individual. Other features include a lifetime adoption, free access to future sighting information, historical family and behavioural information sheet and an adoption certificate.

The humpback whales up for adoption now include Bandit, Colt (voted the friendliest whale), Coral, Mars, Nile, Salt (the most loved whale and great-grandmother), Seal, Sirius, Sockeye, Thorn (who blows rarely seen social bubble rings) and Thread.

The lifetime adoption fee is $40 through 2018 and is a onetime fee, with no annual renewal fees. Currently the programme is only available only in the USA.

To order visit www.csiwhalesalive.org or www.whaleswithnames.com

Video links on each whale on YouTube channel:  danthewhaleman

Facebook   www.facebook.com/adoptahumpback


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