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The WCA held its first Focus Day on the 10th October, bringing together our Partners from across the globe who keep our working groups running. The working groups for Campaigns, Communications and Responsible Whale Watching all held conference calls during the day.

Our Campaigns Working Group supports WCA Partners to help their campaigns be as successful as possible. So many of our Partners are passionate about improving the world for cetaceans, whether through addressing plastic pollution, the plight of whales and dolphins in captivity or responsible whale watching. Working together we can ensure we reach more people in a more meaningful way than working alone.

One of the topics the Campaigns team discussed on the day was – what makes an effective petition? What language is most engaging when trying to encourage people to protect whales and dolphins? How can we reach as many people as possible? How can we change people’s behaviour to benefit whales and dolphins? This is just one of the challenges the group faces when setting out to explore their ongoing work.

Over in the Communications Working Group, it was full steam ahead with conference planning as we get more excited and ever closer to the next World Whale Conference in Hervey Bay, Australia in 2019. Our Communications Group are working  to deliver what is shaping up to be an extremely fun, educational and interactive event. Keep checking our website and newsletter for future updates! 

Partners in the Responsible Whale Watching Working Group made huge progress during the day. From our responsible tourism project with Virgin Holidays to improving global standards for whale watching. It’s an exciting time for the whale watching industry.

Throughout the Focus Day we also had an interactive group Q&A session – and if that wasn’t enough –  we were treated to two exciting and inspiring webinars from our partners Sodurba (based in Durban, South Africa) and Org, Conservacion De cetáceos (based in Uruguay). Both Partners took us through the work they are doing to promote responsible and sustainable tourism and advocate marine conservation.

The next Focus Day will be on 10th December, and the we look forward to finding out further updates from the working groups and our Partners.

There’s so much going on here at the WCA. To find out more, make a donation, volunteer or become a partner head to over to our website. 


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