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The Wildlife Blogger of the Year 2018, sponsored by Swarovski Optik and organised by Terra Incognita has opened for entries. The competition aims to celebrate storytelling for positive change and calls on bloggers from around the world to put their favourite wildlife moment into the spotlight.

For WCA individual partner Rachael Barber, who writes Wild Barley, a blog about her adventures with wildlife, there was no doubt about which moment she wanted to write about.

September 2013 saw her sitting in a kayak with WCA responsible whale watching partner Kingfisher Wilderness Adventures in Johnstone Strait, Vancouver Island watching orcas from the Northern Resident orcas. The experience of watching those whales surfacing among the mist still ranks as her top wildlife encounter.

Fast forward 5 years and the power of the WCA network has provided Rachael with the final link in her story. Rachael was able to send the images she took that day to WCA partner Jared Towers from NIMMSA who was able to identify the I27s.

Rachael’s piece can be found here.

She is now in the running for Wildlife Blogger of the Year 2018 and Wildlife Blogger of the Year 2018 – Readers’ Choice. You can vote for your favourite by following the link and voting at the bottom of the page.

Good luck to Rachael and all the other wildlife bloggers sharing their stories.

Orcas in the mist – by Rachael Barber


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