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WILDOCEANS a programme of WCA Partner WILDTRUST in South Africa are excited to be sharing new offices in Durban, on The Bluff with WCA Partner Sodurba. WILDOCEANS’ conservation, research and socio-economic activities are focused on improving biodiversity knowledge, building science capacity, creating awareness of threats to the oceans, encouraging citizen science participation, increasing protection of the marine environment and promoting sustainable resource use and resilience of coastal communities.

WILDOCEANS is excited to maximise the office space as a collaborative hub generating awareness, conducting training and promoting advocacy of important ocean issues.

Sodurba Community Tourism Organisation’s (CTO) main aim is to collectively and boldly develop and promote KZN Whale Coast and Sodurban Urban Route as a responsible, exciting, creative and sustainable tourism destination for the benefit of all. Their aim is to educate and promote responsible co-existence with humans and nature, especially cetaceans and marine life on their coastline.

For Sodurba the opportunity to move into a municipal office came about from establishing a close relationship with their local councillor. This close relationship has also had a positive impact on developing tourism within the area. Sodurba CTO wants to support responsible tourism through education and to develop an eco-friendly CTO reputation. Their collaboration with WILDOCEANS will help achieve this.


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