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WCA Partner Yorkshire Life Aquatic have recently confirmed art council funding to go ahead with their ‘Human Aquarium Project’

The Human Aquarium is their new project which looks at the human impact on the oceans and its inhabitants. It aims to tackle our overdependence on plastics and the issues surrounding keeping marine wildlife like cetaceans in captivity.

The team at Yorkshire Life Aquatic are creating an interactive aquarium installation for the public to explore. Participants will be taken on the journey experienced by confined marine mammals, from their capture, to training, to performing and living in man-made tanks. The installation will contain a set of original photographic images featuring Mermaids (and Mermen) in place of marine mammals, to explore our detachment from the ethics of keeping animals in captivity for entertainment purposes.

The exhibition of original photographs recreating the life of captive cetaceans using Mermaids opens in February 2019 in Leeds City Centre.

Before that why not check out this little behind the scenes film!

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