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WCA partner White Tenerife run whale and dolphin watching trips from Puerto Colón (Costa Adele) exploring the waters of Tenerife in the Canary Islands.

As part of their commitment to responsible whale watching and to providing passengers with a complete experience, the company has very recently invested in a new catamaran complete with a brand new hydrophone (an underwater microphone) to listen for whales and dolphins. Now not only will passengers get the opportunity to see these amazing animals swimming wild and free in their natural habitat, they will also get the chance to listen to them. To hear the clicks and whistles of dolphins as they communicate with each other, and as they forage for food in the rich waters off the Canaries.

The new catamaran will run excursions to see and listen to wild whales and dolphins, before visiting the spectacular cliffs of Los Gigantes and the secluded tranquility of Bay of Masca where they can enjoy snorkeling in the crystal clear waters.

Find out about White Tenerife’s trips at their website.


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