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WCA Individual Partner Katie Reese is doing something very special to help protect whales, dolphins and porpoises.. Read about her big adventure here.

2018 is the ‘Year of the Sea’ in Wales, celebrating the country’s coastline and the experiences that are on offer through the year – and the Welsh coastline is home to an incredible variety of wildlife.

But I think it’s important to remember that, while we celebrate this beautiful coast, wildlife here and in oceans all around the world is under threat from issues such as pollution, over-fishing, entanglement and, in certain parts of the world, continued whaling and drive hunts.

So, in Wales’ Year of The Sea, I am walking the coastline of my home country to add my voice to the many that are working to save and protect whales and dolphins, and hopefully also encourage others to speak out for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Starting my journey at the end of August, I am going to be walking the entire Wales Coastal Path from Chester to Chepstow (870 miles) to help raise some awareness of the dangers that whales and dolphins are facing globally at the moment. Particularly to bring attention to many of the current issues making the news this year, including Iceland resuming their hunting of endangered fin whales, reports that Russia is to allow the capture of 13 Orca from the Sea of Okhotsk, and the fact that Japan intends to propose plans, at the next IWC meeting, to return to commercial whaling.

I will also be joining the on-going efforts of others, and helping to clean up the Welsh coastline by carrying out beach cleans every weekend on the way round. Dates will be published on the website.

Humans are the biggest threat to whales and dolphins in the wild, it is more important than ever to encourage people to take action on behalf of these animals.

We need more people to reject facilities that hold captive whales and dolphins, and we must support those trying to keep these incredible animals alive and in the wild where they belong.

That’s why I’m walking Wales for whales.

Website coming soon!Katie Reese has been an Individual Partner of the WCA since 2017 after becoming a WCA Responsible Whale Watching Guide. She has a huge passion for the natural world and cetaceans in particular. She uses her energy and enthusiasm to raise awareness about the issues facing whales and dolphins around the world.


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