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WCA Responsible Whale Watching Partner Atlantiangra has been celebrating World Environment Day and World Oceans Day by participating in a range of activities to promote ocean literacy and education in the Azores. They kicked off their celebration on the 2nd of June, offering a free boat tours for children, to celebrate children in science. These tours highlighted the local marine environment from birds to different geosites. They also offered some fun activities at by a local science center who partners with Atlantiangra.

Between the 4th-9th of June, Atlantiangra and partners, held a series of events to celebrate both world environment day and world oceans day. During this week each day was packed with a variety of activities to promote local marine conservation and encourage locals to get involved in urban environment and sustainability. One tour that was offered went to “Ilhéus das Cabras”, a local island that is part of Azores Geopark and Terceira natural park, to talk about geology, birds, and nature. Other events included multiple river and marina clean-ups, environmental film screenings, environmental education activities, and even lectures from local government officials and academics who specialize in the environment. Atlantiagra and its partners brought together a wide range of students, locals, and specialists to improve upon its marine environment in a fun and educational way.

Find out more about Atlantiangra here: www.atlantiangra.com


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