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A warm welcome to the Whales!

The whale watching season in southern Africa will soon be in full swing but not before the celebrations. This exciting time sees the joining of communities and organisations to celebrate the magnificent journey that whales take along the African coastline. Celebrating this journey allows communities to explore the importance of conserving the whales natural habitat and working together to ensure sustainable whale watching. These celebrations have raised huge awareness in recent years with the incredible contribution of all communities and with an increase of sightings of humpback whales last season in comparison to previous years then it appears something is being done right. Here’s hoping that this continues.

Celebrating the Whale festival 2018, Algoa Bay

Festivities for “Celebrating the Whale” kick start in Algoa Bay on the 16th of June with Raggy Charters, conservation projects and NGO’s hosting. Joining the local community of Port Elizabeth and visitors, the festival aims to educate people about whales and conserving them, while also proving the importance of the whales to the economy and to our oceans. With talks, whale watching, beach cleans, movies, exhibitions and much more this is an event that you won’t want to miss.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]For more information about WCA Responsible Whale Watching Partner in Algoa Bay visit Raggy Charters website www.raggycharters.co.za

Welcoming of the Whales Festival 2018, Durban

‘The Welcoming of the Whales Festival’ returns in 2018 following the huge success of the 2017 festival which showed some creative and exciting ideas from all partners and proved successful in bringing people together.  This included WCA Partner Sodurba creating a spectacular whale display from recycled material. Don’t miss the “The welcoming of the whales” festival in Durban on the 30th of June and see this year’s creation of a new whale. The time and effort put into creating this whale by Umcebo, Fabricon and kids from Eden College is astounding and very much appreciated by all.  I’m sure everyone is as excited as we are to see this year’s creation. For more information about WCA Partner Sodurba and the Durban Welcoming of the Whales festival 2018, visit their website www.sodurba.co.za With lots of activities, education days and research development happening throughout these events the passion and hard work put into everything by all partners, volunteers and communities is astounding. We hope everyone enjoys all the events and has some amazing sightings to show what it’s all about. We can’t wait to see all the pictures and wonderful creations. Have a whale of a time everyone. I’m sure you will blow us away.


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