New Whale watching destination, a need to introduce responsible practice and a call for volunteers

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Ilha Blue is a tourism business based on Ilha De Mozambique. Over the past 2 or 3 years Whale watching has risen in prominence and is on its way to becoming a ‘must do’ activity for tourists visiting the island. The whales are Humpbacks and they come here to breed and give birth and are easily spotted around the nearby islands where they gather for around 3 months between July and October. This may well be the end point of their long migration from the Antarctic to the warmer waters of East Africa and their acrobatic activity is non-stop and spectacular. With the prospect of a whale watching industry comes the opportunity to get in early to ensure that things are done responsibly – something we believe will only happen if there is a carefully designed campaign. There can’t be many places left around the world where humpback whales converge and their breeding activity continues undisturbed and largely unobserved. Northern Mozambique is such a place, and while it’s tempting to argue that things should be left this way, the reality is that this is unlikely to happen. UNESCO World Heritage Ilha De Mozambique is poised to become a popular tourism destination and the nearby shoreline and islands have already been divvied up, sliced and diced into private concessions for resorts and related developments.

Our strategy is to
  1. Improve responsible whale watch practice within Ilha Blue
  2. Demonstrate to local dhow boat operators that taking a responsible approach is good for their business
  3. Educate tourists so that they value responsible whale watching and choose responsible operators over others.

To achieve our strategy we are entering into a program with volunteers who will run educational programs throughout the 2018 ‘whale season’. We currently have space for another volunteer from mid September through into October.

Find out more about Ilha Blue here: www.ilhablue.com

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