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Our First Whale Champion’s!

As cetacean lovers (as we expect most of our followers are!) we all want to do something to help protect these animals that we love. But how many of us can afford to go abroad on volunteer expeditions? How many of us have the time or money, or the ability to drop our everyday lives and head overseas? It maybe that they are too expensive, or you have to work, or family or other commitments. Maybe you feel you don’t have the right qualifications or experience.

The WCAs Whale Champions Course might just well be the answer! This 3 hour course gives participants the unique opportunity to take part in an inspiring and fun workshop designed to enable them to help whales and dolphins in the wild, no matter their situation or skills.

The WCA is very proud to announce that its very first Whale Champions Course was held on Tuesday 10th April in Brighton. Our Whale Champions learnt about sensational cetaceans, heard stories from our Partners and took part in activities highlighted just how they can help. From top tips on how to travel responsibly, to how you can save the oceans, our Whale Champions learned how they can use their existing skills to help our Partners and ultimately whales and dolphins.

Not only that our Whale Champions went away with a goodie bag (who doesn’t love a bit of dolphin memorabilia!) but they now also have exclusive access to our Whale Champion community for a year, offering opportunities to apply for volunteer roles with our amazing Partners (well we all have to take holiday once in a while, don’t we).

Congratulations to our first Whale Champions!

Inspired to get involved? Why not come along and take part in our next Whale Champion Course in May, or find out about our other training courses HERE

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