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The World Cetacean Alliance is pleased to announce that we are welcoming 3 new Partner types into the Partnerships!

Cetacean Focused Events – Whale festivals, annual events, art, theatre and musical installations.

Whether it’s through creative installations or annual whale festivals, celebrating cetaceans and our marine environments really help empower humans to protect these amazing creatures.

Cetacean Focused Educational Facilities – Whale museums, ex-whaling stations and visitor centres.

Educational facilities are a great way to inspire people of all ages. These stakeholders are also vital in ensuring that our past cultural relationships with whales and dolphins are still remembered to this day.

Scientific Institutions – Research centres and universities.

Often at the forefront of cetacean research, by welcoming scientific institutions into the WCA we can support their work and help align the Global research goals of our Partners.

The WCA’s strength lies in the expertise of our Partners, by expanding the network we can improve the work we do to protect whales, dolphins and porpoises across the world!For more information on why you should become a WCA Partner and to apply now contact us: membership@worldcetaceanalliance.org

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