Week 2 in Mozambique: Tail-sailing Whales

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Day 10 (26th Aug. 2017): We had two boat trips scheduled for today. During our early morning launch, which started around 7 AM, we saw a pod of 6 dolphins. As for the second trip, we didn’t have any luck with sightings. Since it was the weekend, the afternoon was our free time (or a day-off if there are no trips in the morning).  I took this opportunity to do a bit of data entry and for the rest of the day I just relaxed.

Day 15 (31st Aug. 2017): Today was certainly the busiest so far, as we had 4 launches scheduled for students coming all the way from Maputo.  To make things easier I joined onto the first two launches while Sabrina handled the remaining ones. To our surprise (or at least, to mine), all the boat trips had successful sighting of both dolphins and whales; this also included the opportunity to swim with the dolphins. During one of the trips I was on, we had a spectacular view of a humpback whale tail sailing. It left me feeling quite awestruck; seeing the tail slowly ascending and descending from the sea. I took countless photos of both its tail and dorsal fin, with the hope of capturing this unique display.

Day 17 (2nd Sept. 2017): No boat launch was scheduled for this morning so I took some time working on the data entry of the boat logs. I have now successfully entered the data from the month of January, but I still have three more months’ worth of data. Slowly but surely I’m closing in on completing this task.

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