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A Call for 50 Top Responsible Whale Watching Operators World Wide!


The WCA is growing! This year we are expanding our Partnership to bring in 50 Top Responsible Whale Watching Operators Worldwide!


Our Partners will represent the global leaders in sustainable tourism industry, operating to the highest standards and contributing vastly to the conservation of cetaceans.

Why Join the World Cetacean Alliance?


“To me the best part of being a member of WCA is to be able to attend the bi-annual conference and come face to face with partners, swop ideas and run and get involved in joint projects.


Being able to swap experiences with partners at their base of operation is also a highlight. Besides learning from each other, the experience is great!”

Lloyd Edwards, Raggy Charters SA – Partner


The World Cetacean Alliance and our Partners have been developing exciting new initiatives to enhance the promotion of our Responsible Whale Watching Partners. Here’s a taster of our 2017 promotional activities…


Greentraveller Magazine

WCA Partner exclusive Top 50 Responsible Whale Watching supplement!

Online Directory

Easily accessible information to drive responsible whale watching tour choices

2017 Whale Watching Partner Report

Share your sustainability story with case studies that illustrate how you are leading the way in responsible tourism


Other benefits you can expect from becoming a WCA Partner include:

  • Discounted conference tickets to the World Whale Conference and Whale Heritage Sites Summit
  • Enjoy cross-promotional and marketing activities with other responsible whale and dolphin watching businesses, and content on responsible tourism websites such as Lonely Planet News and ResponsibleTravel.com
  • Get acknowledgement and logo placement in all WCA publications / websites and external media coverage as well as having exclusive use of the World Cetacean Alliance name and logo

Be a part of a collaborative community

  • Participate in debates on the issues, policies, and strategies of the Alliance and in decision-making at Alliance meetings
  • Collaborate on issues relating to responsible whale watching and so much more, including cetacean conservation and welfare, captivity, campaigning, fundraising and other opportunities offered from within the WCA


Access to WCA future opportunities

  • guide training schemes, volunteers and internships.


Award Scheme

  • We are introducing the Responsible Whale Watch Partner Awards – to be presented at the World Whale Conference and Whale Heritage Sites Summit


If you are a whale watching tour operator that is leading the way in responsible tourism and you want to be a part of the world’s largest Partnership working to protect Cetaceans please get in contact with us at sophie.lewis@worldcetaceanalliance.org for more information!



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