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Gina Gow, Individual Partner, UK

Gina joined the WCA in October 2014 with her main interest in the issues surrounding captivity of dolphins. She quickly became involved in the Whale Graveyard for WhaleFest 2015. The installation had a huge impact for the week it was on Brighton Beach and the images were shared around the globe highlighting the tragedy of keeping dolphins captive for human entertainment. Shortly after Gina became Membership Secretary, a position which she held for a year. She was also a part of the team organising the World Whale Conference and Whale Heritage Site Summit in the Azores in October 2015.

These days Gina is working for a partner of the WCA, WhaleFest, as the Education Manager devising and delivering a primary schools education programme called Incredible Oceans. Incredible Oceans will be launching into schools in September 2017. Gina sees education as one of the most important pillars to improving the well being of ocean dwellers and their habitats and the first module concentrates on pollution and sustainable fisheries. The goal is to one day roll this programme out globally through the WCA network and extend it to secondary schools and adult education.

For Gina joining the WCA focused her efforts and I have been lucky to be able to call upon the wealth of experience and expertise that the WCA partner network holds, and being such a friendly bunch she has never been let down. Gina aims to keep promoting and supporting the goals and achievements of the WCA as it continues to grow and become an organisation with a farsighted, effective and unique approach to the well being of whales, dolphins and porpoises.


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