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Adéu Delfinari is a campaign and petition being run by FAADA (The Foundation for the Assessment, Action and Defense of Animals) to help the bottlenose dolphins currently held at Barcelona Zoo.

FAADA runs SOSdelfines, a coalition of NGOs, which is a partner of the WCA.

The Barcelona Zoo currently keeps six bottlenose dolphins in captivity:

  • Anak, a female captured in the waters off Cuba in 1989 at the age of 3 years
  • Blau, a male born in Barcelona Zoo in 1999, son of Moana and Inuk
  • Tumay, a male born in Barcelona Zoo in 2002, son of Moana and Inuk
  • Leia, a female born in Barcelona Zoo in 2003, daughter of Anak and Inuk
  • Kuni, a male born in Barcelona Zoo in 2006, son of Anak and Inuk
  • Nuik, a male born in Barcelona Zoo in 2012, son of Anak and Blau

Since the dolphinarium opened in 1965, 31 dolphins have died. For instance in 2000 a female died leaving a 6 month old calf. Eighteen births have taken place at the dolphinarium of Barcelona Zoo.

Up until November 16th 2015 performances with dolphins took place daily. Today performances are no longer permitted, however the dolphins remain on public display all day long. The dolphinarium does not meet the minimum requirements established by the EAAM (European Association of Aquatic Mammals) and the Zoo must have an alternative plan by 2019. The Zoo plan to build a new and bigger facility in order to keep the dolphins and reestablish the breeding programme.  There are also plans to transfer two of the dolphins, Kuni and Leia, to l’Ocenogràfic in Valencia, where they will be used for shows and breeding.

Barcelona City Hall is the legal owner of the Zoo and they have the key to change the future of these six dolphins and to declare the city dolphinaria free. For this reason FAADA Foundation is calling on the City Hall to accept a formal proposal to close the enclosure right now and retain the dolphin’s custody in order to transfer them to a sea-side sanctuary or a refuge when available.

FAADA needs the support of the public as they have already from various local and international associations including the WCA of which SOSdelfines, a coalition of  NGOs run by FAADA, is a partner.

Please sign and share the petition to close the dolphinarium of Barcelona.


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