Who We Work With

Who We Work With

The World Cetacean Alliance works across the tourism industry to encourage people to connect with wild whales and dolphins in a responsible and sustainable way. We work with tour operators large and small, airlines, cruise ships, tourist boards, DMCs, tourism associations, and convention bureaus to ensure that whales and dolphins are protected and respected in their wild habitats, and not held captive for entertainment purposes in zoos and aquariums - Dylan Walker, CEO WCA

Because many of the world’s whales, dolphins, and porpoises live close to shore, the threats they face are often in locations that are important for tourism. Even those cetaceans living in remoter parts of our oceans and major rivers are increasingly coming in to contact with cruise ships, expedition vessels, and other forms of adventure tourism.


Tourism constitutes 10% of the global economy with significant impacts on society and the environment. It has the potential, financial support, and increasing will, to invest in coastal sustainability, community, and environmental enhancement programmes with a clear benefit for cetaceans and ocean conservation. The WCA is in a strong position to help to realise that potential, particularly because our stakeholders include tourism industry advisors (NGOs and individuals) as well as representatives (whale watch operators, tourism associations, event organisers etc.).



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Our track record in tourism


These are some of the many tourism businesses we have worked with to ensure tourism is a force for good that protects whales, dolphins and our fragile oceans. 


  • With Trip Advisor we advised on best practice for animal welfare for wildlife viewing across its hotels.
  • With Club Med we developed global guidelines for responsible boat-based and swim with cetacean tourism.
  • With Virgin Holidays we helped to evolve their stance on the keeping of cetaceans in captivity, and create a portfolio of world-class responsible whale watching experiences.
  • With Thomas Cook we reviewed current whale and dolphin watching suppliers and identified growth areas for responsible whale watching.
  • With ABTA we helped develop and review global guidelines for animal welfare in tourism.
  • With the South African National Convention Bureau we organised a conference on the future for whale and dolphin tourism, and launched a first whale festival for Durban.
  • With Fraser Coast Tourism and Events we organised Australia’s first World Whale Conference with a focus on Hervey Bay as a leading whale ecotourism destination.
  • With Visit Azores we helped to amend whale watching legislation and shared knowledge on best practice through operator-led workshops.
  • With Responsible Travel we campaigned to end the keeping of cetaceans in captivity, providing evidence for a shift in public opinion and travel industry desire to move away from this activity.
  • At the World Responsible Tourism Awards we won silver in 2016 for our work encouraging the travel industry to adopt responsible practices for cetaceans, including through our Whale Heritage Sites initiative.
  • With Animondial we work to maximise the benefit, and minimise the impact, of tourism on animal welfare and species survival through effective communication, education and strategic partnerships.
  • With Wild Sea Europe we are developing an environmental sustainability programme for an adventure diving route along the Atlantic Coasts of Spain, Portugal, UK, and Ireland.
  • With Blue Flag we sit on an international jury to assess certified responsible boat tours offering whale watching, diving, scenic and other marine tourism activities.

For more information about partnering with us, please email admin@worldcetaceanalliance.org or call +44(0)1273 355011

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