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Global pioneers in responsible tourism

Acting as a planetary loudhailer for responsible whale and dolphin tourism, the WCA is the world’s largest civil society marine conservation partnership. Operating through over 100 partners in 40 countries, we are uniquely positioned to harness and steer tourism as a tool to protect cetaceans and their habitats, and to generate financial support and leverage for our grass roots partners.


WCAs partners are a unique blend of whale and dolphin watching tour businesses, NGOs, scientists, animal welfare experts, and conservationists. We represent the travel industry through our partners, understand it from the inside, and lead it by delivering responsible practices and engaging over half a million tourists each year across the world’s oceans.


Offering unforgettable experiences

WCAs partners offer unique experiences with wild whales and dolphins in over 30 countries across Europe, North America, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia, and Oceania. Our partners specialize in high quality tours with experienced naturalist guides, providing up to date information about cetaceans, the environment and the threats that they face.

Many tours run by WCA partners offer customers the opportunity to do simple things in their everyday lives that help protect the marine environment. Others are led by acclaimed scientists that have studied the animals for years and often know individuals personally. Their insight connects tourists with these fascinating animals in a way that is both moving and inspiring. Finally, our partners are often involved in community education projects, support local conservation initiatives, and focus on sustainable practices, relaying their positive actions to visiting tourists that gain so much more from the experience than just the opportunity to view the animals in their natural habitats.




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