The World Cetacean Alliance is immensely grateful to the following organisations, all of which have provided vital funding to enable us to continue our work to protect whales, dolphins, and their habitats around the world.


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World Cetacean Alliance is grateful to be working in partnership with Lush Cosmetics. Environmental issues are at the heart of this company and trickle through to the decisions they make on a daily basis. For one year, they support WCA and help us to develop and implement campaigns and expand our network of partners.


Lush Cosmetics is recognised for is sustainability through the respect of the environment. Lush Cosmetics tends to make products with less material and recycled materials (89% of their products).

They used creative solutions to make a positive impact on the planet, like the invention of the first-ever solid shampoo bar.

They research to show the world that it is possible to invent, manufacture and bring to market an entire range of products that adhere to all the legal safety requirements, without ever having to test on animals along the way.


Twitter : @LushLtd






Charities Aid Foundation is engaged to motivate society to give ever more effectively, helping to transform lives and communities around the world. They help people and businesses support the causes they care about and for charities, they provide simple and straightforward day-to-day banking and fundraising services, freeing them up to concentrate on the real work of making a difference.

In many ways Charities Aid Foundation helps us to survive and give us the possibility to make us to grow.


Twitter: @cafonline



the chalk cliff trust


The Chalk Cliff Trust is a foundation set up to provide grants and donations to charities, action groups and benevolent organisations in East Sussex.







EKCT was founded on the 12th March 1963, to provide a formal structure for Ernest and his family to devote time and resources to charitable activities.

Ernest had two great passions in life conservation of wildlife and the natural environment and the encouragement of youth enterprise and outdoor activity. These ideals along with the founding guidelines to support the family’s home county of Sussex, remain core areas of activity.

For one year, they give to us the support we need to success, and help us to arrive at our goals.



ernest cook trust



The Ernest Cook Trust is one of the UK’s leading outdoor learning charities. Rooted in the conservation and management of the countryside, the Trust actively encourages children and young people to learn from the land through hands-on outdoor learning opportunities  on its estates and by offering grants.

The current Trustees are able to distribute up to £2m in educationals grants to benefit children and young people. Helps non-profit organisation in all the UK and thanks to their foresight and their passion for the countryside and the arts, Ernest Cook Trust has filled his notoriety.

The Ernest Cook Trust providing essential core support for 1 year now and it is a pleasure to work in collaboration with them.




the body shop foundation



Although no longer in operation The World Cetacean Alliance is enormously grateful to The Body Shop Foundation for providing essential core funding support for an initial three year period. This funding supports the WCA Secretariat, enabling us to develop and implement campaigns and expand our network of Partners. The Body Shop Foundation has been vital to the WCA, allowing us to develop our policy, advocacy, and campaigning strategies, and set up a governance structure that empowers all of our Partners across the world.


The Body Shop Foundation is the charitable trust of The Body Shop International. It gives money to innovative, global projects working for social and environmental change.


Since 1989, The Body Shop Foundation has funded over 2,500 projects around the world, donating just over £21 million.  Their remit is to look for groups with enthusiasm, energy and drive who work at grassroots level.  These projects – however dynamic – sometimes get overlooked. Sometimes – because of the unfamiliar or pioneering nature of their work – conventional funding is hard for them to get. To The Body  Shop Foundation though, being different and daring deserves to be recognised.


The Body Shop Foundation looks for progressive charities and groups which fall within its remit and invite them to apply for funds. They are incredibly proud of the groups they support and the difference they make to thousands upon thousands of lives and habitats around the world




responsible travel



The World Cetacean Alliance is proud to be working in partnership with Responsible Travel on the cetacean captivity issue. Our joint ‘Say No to Orca Circuses’ campaign has led to a petition signed by over 12,000 people and hundreds of travel companies and non-profit organisations across Europe and beyond. Thanks to Responsible Travel’s efforts we have received national press coverage on the issue on several occasions in the UK, and we continue to contact travel industry representatives to encourage them to stop supporting marine parks and aquariums that hold whales and dolphins in captivity for entertainment purposes.


Responsible Travel believes responsible tourism is a better way to see the world. Not only do you get a more authentic experience, but your holiday benefits local people and the environment. Responsible Travel is a business with ambitions to change tourism for the long-term benefit of local people, tourists, the environment and the tourism industry. Part of Responsible Travels’s commitment is to screen and market responsible holidays. The other part of its commitment is to campaign for change in the tourism industry.


Twitter: @r_travel

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