Dylan Walker


Dylan is CEO for the Secretariat of the World Cetacean Alliance. He specialises in collaborative projects and network building to deliver marine conservation and animal welfare initiatives that protect marine species and habitats.

Having taken an ecology degree and a marine mammal science masters, Dylan has worked in ecotourism for 25 years, advising large and small tour operators and travel associations to deliver sustainable practices and marine conservation programmes.

As a scientist, conservationist, and former whale watch business owner, Dylan has worked with the whale watching industry across Europe, Latin America, and North America, and has written several books on cetaceans. He also co-founded WhaleFest, one of the world’s largest celebrations of whales and dolphins and campaigning platform for ocean conservation issues.

Dylan believes in grass roots environmental projects, scaled up through collaboration and coordination to deliver real and lasting change for people and wildlife at a global scale. 

Sophie Lewis


Sophie is the Responsible Whale Watching Partner Project Manager at the World Cetacean Alliance. Sophie works with the WCA’s growing number of Responsible Whale Watching Partners, developing relationships to encourage engagement, collaboration and communication on a variety of issues relating to responsible cetacean tourism and beyond. She also works on promoting WCA Partners and responsible cetacean tourism to a wider audience, and sits on the Blue Flag International Jury, providing advice and guidance relating to the Blue Flag Sustainable Boating Tourism Operator accreditation. In 2018, Sophie authored WCAs Global Best Practice Guidance for Responsible Whale and Dolphin Watching. Formed in partnership with ClubMed, this manual now forms the bedrock for WCAs global certification programme for responsible whale watching. Sophie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and a Master of Science in climate change and has previously worked as Data and Media Analyst for The Indonesian Manta Project in Bali. She is passionate about the collaboration between science, conservation and tourism.

Elizabeth Cuevas

Elizabeth Cuevas Zimbrón


Elizabeth is a Whale Watching Programme Manager for the WCA and has supported the development and implementation of their fundraising strategy. She is currently promoting the new global certification programme for responsible whale watching and developing new relationships to grow the number of responsible whale watching partners.

Elizabeth is an oceanographer with a Masters degree in Natural Resources and Rural Development. She is passionate about all marine life and enjoys working with local communities to bring about the development of a more conscious relationship with the ocean.

Simon McPherson


Simon is the Project Coordinator for the Brighton Dolphin Project, our recent initiative that aims to improve awareness about the importance of local marine ecosystems and species across Sussex. He is a passionate conservationist who has always had an interest in marine wildlife from a young age and is now devoting his time and efforts to achieve a career in conservation where everyone feels empowered to protect the oceans. Simon has completed studies in Marine Ecology & Conservation, alongside volunteering on overseas projects in Tenerife studying Dolphins and South Africa researching Great White Sharks.


Alice Seguin


Alice’s master’s degree in advertising, communication and cultural management has allowed her to develop many transferable skills in many different arenas. Her previous roles have been diverse. She worked as a project manager at an advertising agency in Paris. She then ran a restaurant in Paris for two years where she developed management skills.

Following this, she decided it was time for her to leave France and travel, she went to some fantastic places such as: Indonesia, Martinica, Mexico, Ireland, Morocco, Thailand, Canada, Italy, Austria where she learned permaculture, animal care, surfing school, sailing boat, volunteer with elephants and then returned to France.

Working in music has always been her dream so on her return, she decided to join the industry. She worked as a manager at a label and promoted their artists. After doing this for four years, she decided to work on her own project of music and animal therapy while creating documentaries on her work. Alice’s first documentary she is working on will be about Grey Whales in Baja California and since the day she met them, she knew she needed to work to protect them.

Steph Rogerson


After taking a research position in South Africa for a whale watching company and their sister marine conservation organisation, Steph gained experience observing and understanding a variety of marine species. Further studying the laws and legislation in place for wildlife welfare and helping to promote and build awareness for the local MPA, she became passionate and invested in the community to educate and share knowledge about their local ecosystem and its current issues.

Steph is interested in continuing to explore and learn more about the marine environment, its ecosystem and the management of legislation, working with new marine species and being able to reach out and engage with others about ocean conservation.


Charlene Minster


After a bachelor’s degree in English and Business Management in Switzerland, Charlene left for Australia where she worked as a divemaster intern and divemaster for a year. Hooked on the diving industry, she flew to the Philippines to become a scuba diving instructor and spent the following few months working underwater in Greece. She then decided it was time to start a master’s degree in Economics and Communications, specialising in International Tourism. The research undertaken as part of her master’s thesis further established her interest in education outreach and marine conservation; she studied the potential to contribute to Sustainable Development Goal 14 by engaging diving tourists towards marine conservation through incentives such as citizen science projects.

Charlene is hoping to continue with her contribution and help lead the way into an ever-expanding generation of ocean advocates.

Julie Jankowiak


Julie did a Bachelor’s degree in Communication in France. She is passionate about travel and music and thinks these two activities allow the sharing and gathering of very different people and communities. She is currently on a gap year and is doing an internship at the World Cetacean Alliance in Brighton to improve her English, develop and acquire new knowledge. Next September, Julie will start a master’s degree in Communication with the objective to keep progressing in this domain.

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