The staff and volunteers of the WCA make up the Secretariat. The Secretariat has no voting powers, and is responsible for both administering the charity and providing operational support to the partnership. The Secretariat develops projects and campaigns in line with the strategy agreed by the Partners.


Dylan Walker

Dylan Walker, World Cetacean Alliance CEO

Dylan is CEO for the Secretariat of the World Cetacean Alliance (WCA), a partnership of over 90 non-profit organisations, whale and dolphin watching tour operators and individuals in 40 countries working collaboratively to protect cetaceans. Overarching the WCA programmes is the Whale Heritage Sites initiative, which accredits outstanding locations where cetaceans are embraced through the cultural, economic, social, and political lives of associated communities, and where people and cetaceans coexist in an authentic and respectful way.

As a scientist, conservationist, and former whale watch operator, Dylan has worked with the whale watching industry across Europe, Latin America and North America for 20 years, and has written several books on cetaceans. He is also co-founder of WhaleFest, one of the world’s largest celebrations of whales and dolphins and campaigning platform for ocean conservation issues.





Sophie Lewis

Sophie is the Responsible Whale Watching Partner Project Manager at the World Cetacean Alliance. Sophie works with the WCA’s growing number of Responsible Whale Watching Partners, developing relationships to encourage engagement, collaboration and communication on a variety of issues relating to responsible cetacean tourism and beyond. She also works on promoting WCA Partners and responsible cetacean tourism to a wider audience and has attended the Blue Flag International Jury meeting, providing advice and guidance relating to the Blue Flag Sustainable Boating Tourism Operator accreditation. Sophie is currently working on the creation of a minimum standards and best-practice guidance document to help understand and improve swim-with wild cetacean activities worldwide.

Sophie also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and a Master of Science in climate change and has previously worked as Data and Media Analyst for The Indonesian Manta Project in Bali. She is passionate about the collaboration between science, conservation and tourism.



Graham Drucker

p1160276Graham Drucker currently works for the secretariat of the World Cetacean Alliance.  His role is to focus on the Whale Heritage Sites programme with particular emphasis on fund raising for WHS projects, embedding WHS into the international community, and developing regional WHS activities. Graham is currently a member of the UK Man and Biosphere Programme of UNESCO.

As a conservationist and scientific researcher for over 30 years, Graham previously worked with the US National Wildlife Research Center on large carnivores and climate change, and with the International Union for Forest Research Organisations and their World Congress. Prior to that, he was based in Europe and instrumental in setting up the European Centre for Nature Conservation, as research partnership which focused on linking policy makers and academic research institutes and universities.


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