Week 2 in Mozambique: Tail-sailing Whales

Day 10 (26th Aug. 2017): We had two boat trips scheduled for today. During our early morning launch, which started around 7 AM, we saw a pod of 6 dolphins. As for the second trip, we didn’t have any luck with sightings. Since it was...

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First week at Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique

Day 1 (17th Aug. 2017): After my arrival at Ponta do Ouro, I was first greeted by Sabrina (another Dolphin Encountours volunteer from Cape Town) when I walked into the lodge, the same lodge where I’ll stay for the next two months. After introducing ourselves,...

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A whale of a surprise

This week was fairly regular in terms of sightings, seeing a few Sperm Whales, Common Dolphins, Bottlenose Dolphins and Atlantic Spotted Dolphins. Tours from the North Coast of the Island have also begun so Futurismo is now busier than ever, with most tours fully booked! I...

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Risso’s Dolphins & Amazing Bottlenose Dolphins

This week went off to a great start as on Monday I saw a new species, Risso’s dolphins! We saw them on both the morning and afternoon trip. In the morning they were showing typical Risso’s Dolphin behaviour; they were a bit further away form...

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Eliza’s First Blog

Earlier this year I completed the WCA’s first Responsible Whale Watching Guide course, and following that I was able to pick a WCA partner to work with. I have now just completed my first week on Sao Miguel Island in the Azores. My placement partner...

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