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Explore the world’s most amazing whale and dolphin watching experiences on your phone!


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The WCA Responsible Whale Watching App is a brand new tool for travellers to explore whale and dolphin watching tours around the world.


All the organizations featured in the app are Partners of the WCA! This means they have all been acknowledged to carry out their tours in a responsible and environmentally friendly way, reducing their impact on the marine environment, benefiting local communities and providing high quality environmental education.


The app allows adventure seekers a no fuss way to search globally for different destinations, either searching by specific region or map, where they can experience whales in their natural environment!


Download the app and find your next whale watching adventure today!

Don’t waste your time with TripAdvisor trying to find the most responsible and ethical whale watching company…

We have done the hard work for you!

The WCA Responsible Whale Watching App only features WCA Partners so you can be sure that:

You are in for an incredible experience for yourself, your family and your friends

Your choice actively helps protect whales and dolphins

All operators meet high standards of sustainable and responsible whale watching set by the WCA




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Get involved


Love whales and dolphins and want to do something to help them? Why not donate to help our Partners on their mission to protect these amazing animals around the world, or better yet.. why not donate your time and help out the WCA or one of our Partners!


WCA partners work together to free cetaceans from captivity, protect them in the wild, and encourage people to watch, learn and respect them through responsible whale watching. Become a partner of the largest international network of experts and advocates for whales and dolphins to be featured on the WCA Responsible Whale Watching App!


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Please email sophie.lewis@worldcetaceanalliance.org for more information

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