©Julia Claxton
©Julia Claxton

Policy, Advocacy & Campaigning General Working Group


Malcolm Barradell, Individual Partner, UK

Patricia Sullivan, Cetcean Society International, USA


Daniella Roosland, Board of Directors at Cetacean Society International, USA


This Working Group leads on broad policy, advocacy and campaigning on issues including whaling, bycatch, shipping collisions, pollution, ocean noise etc., developing action plans and policies for each issue. It also analyses and leads on relationships with key advocacy targets.


The group currently leads on the ghost fishing gear and entanglement issue through the WCA Net Effect programme. The programme focuses on educating the public about the issue through our whale watching partners and through an arts programme called ‘Untangled’. The Net Effect is closely aligned to an external partnership called the Global Ghost Gear Initiative (GGGI) http://www.ghostgear.org/. The WCA currently chairs the ‘Build Evidence’ Working Group of the GGGI.

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