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Our Partners are composed of Non-Profit Organisations, Whale or Dolphin Watching Tour Operators and individual members of the public (Individual Partners). To go to each category please click on the following links:


Non-Profit Organisations (NPO’s)

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Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs)

Born Free Foundation


The Born Free Foundation is a dynamic international wildlife charity, devoted to compassionate conservation and animal welfare. Born Free takes action worldwide to protect threatened species and stop individual animal suffering. Born Free believes wildlife belongs in the wild and works to phase out zoos. We rescue animals from lives of misery in tiny cages and give them lifetime care.


From small beginnings, the Born Free Foundation has grown into a global force for wildlife. Born Free is not a big anonymous organisation, but a family of like-minded people who share the same goals.


Born Free protects lions, elephants, tigers, gorillas, wolves, polar bears, dolphins, marine turtles and many more species in their natural habitat, working with local communities to help people and wildlife live together without conflict. Our high-profile campaigns change public attitudes, persuade decision-makers and get results. Every year, Born Free helps hundreds of thousands of animals worldwide.

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Canadian Marine Environment Protection Society, Canada


The Canadian Marine Environment Protection Society (C-MEPS) is a volunteer-run, Canadian registered charitable society founded in 1993 and based in Vancouver, British Columbia. CMEPS was formed to help facilitate the discussion of ethical, scientific and environmental issues related to the plight of marine animals and their ocean habitat.


CMEPS believes that the public should be made aware of the importance of protecting the ocean’s remaining natural ecosystems for their biological and cultural importance, now and for the future.


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Twitter: @cmepsociety

Cetacean Society International, USA


CSI is an all-volunteer, non-profit conservation, education and research organization working on behalf of cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises) and their marine environment.Founded locally as the Connecticut Cetacean Society in 1974, CSI took to the international scene in 1986 and emerged a global leader in cetacean advocacy, with contacts in over 20 countries today.


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Twitter: @CSIwhalelovers

Cetamada, Madagascar


A Malagasy organisation, established since 2009, is dedicated to the conservation of marine mammals and their habitat in Madagascar. The organisation is committed towards a sustainable development approach through the involvement of the local population. CETAMADA activities are focused on four types of action: training and promotion of responsible and sustainable ecotourism, education and awareness of the environment and marine heritage, development of community activities and scientific research.



Translating Science & Knowledge Into Protection Cet Law is the only organisation that focuses specifically on legal issues concerning cetaceans – whales, dolphins and porpoises – and their ocean and freshwater habitats. Cet Law furthers the protection and conservation of cetaceans and their habitats through the law, legal systems, regulatory frameworks, education and training. Working in partnership with governments, not-for-profits, business, and researchers, Cet Law translates sound science and best practice into practical legal solutions relevant to
their context.


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Twitter: @cetaceanlaw

Change for Animals Foundation


Change For Animals Foundation (CFAF) provides tailored expertise and support for organisations, institutions and governments. We also deliver campaigns, advocacy and project-based work. We realise that as well as the importance of leading our own campaigns to improve animal welfare, there is also a need for groups to work in partnership in support of each other. By working in collaboration with local and international NGOs, we can achieve positive and lasting change for animals on a large scale more efficiently and effectively than working in isolation.


Transforming the lives of animals in various countries requires local knowledge and understanding of the culture from within the community, but many animal welfare groups find it difficult to access the resources and the strategic support they need. However, through working partnerships with groups across the world, CFAF can provide input in terms of expertise, research and resources, so that together we can deliver positive change for animals at both the policy level and on the ground. We are proud partners of the World Cetacean Alliance (WCA) and active members of the captivity working group section of the WCA.

Happywhale, USA


Happywhale tracks individual whales throughout our world’s oceans. We believe that whale watching guides, naturalists and passengers are vital to our understanding of whales. Scientists can only be in one place at one time; by harnessing the power of millions of whale watching enthusiasts, we can expand our scientific knowledge exponentially.


Our platform empowers whale watchers to photograph whales and tell their stories.


Ocean conservation starts with connection. We believe that as we build personal relationships with the ocean and its wildlife, we become more invested stewards of the marine environment. Whales, as individuals, have compelling stories to tell: where will this humpback migrate this winter to give birth? Did the whale with scars from a killer whale attack survive another year? What happened to the entangled whale I saw in the news?


For science, unique identifiable markings on a whale’s flukes (tail) and dorsal fin allow us to non-invasively track whale movements and stories over time. By focusing on whales, we bring attention to the marine ecosystem as a whole and the challenges we face as a global community


Instituto Baleia Jubarte, Brazil


The Humpback Whale Project was set up in 1988, in Caravelas, southern Bahia, Brazil, to study and protect a small remnant humpback whale population, discovered during the implementation of Brazil’s first National Marine Park, in the Abrolhos Bank. The area was then suggested to be the main humpback whale breeding ground in the western south Atlantic. In 2001, a second station was set up on the northern coast of Bahia, in Praia do Forte, just 50 km north of the state capital, Salvador. This area is believed to be a former breeding ground, reoccupied by the recovering humpback population. The Humpback Whale Space, opened in 2006, is a large visitor centre dedicated to environmental education and raising awareness in the local community and tourists for whale conservation and responsible tourism.


The Humpback Whale Project is part of a larger organization, the Humpback Whale Institute, founded in 1996, with the mission to “protect the humpback whales and other cetaceans of Brazil, contributing to harmonise human activities with the preservation of the natural heritage”. We do this through scientific research, environmental education, responsible tourism and public policies. We believe that working in partnership with the local communities, tourists and the public opinion, in several ways, strengthens the battle for the conservation of our oceans and all marine species.

Marine Mammal Alliance Nantucket, USA


The Nantucket Marine Mammal Conservation Program founded in 1977. Now named the Marine Mammal Alliance Nantucket, MMAN reaches out to the public locally through media and community events, nationally and internationally as a member of the World Cetacean Alliance (WCA) and the Whales Need US Coalition (WNUS).


MMAN, regularly takes part in Nantucket Island events, providing information, outlining opportunities for further education and encouraging involvement from the public in marine mammal conservation causes. Working with teachers in our schools, we provide resources, facilitate projects and bring experts to the island to motivate and expand young minds. Through WCA and WNUS, MMAN actively advocates on behalf of marine mammals worldwide.

MelbournDolphin, Australia


MelbournDolphin was set up in early 2013 to raise awareness about the ocean environment and its inhabitants, predominantly cetaceans. We wanted Victorians and others to appreciate the ocean life that we have in Australia that is wild, free and protected, but also draw attention to marine life in other parts of the world that does not have the good fortune to be protected. We also focus on the hunting of wild dolphins and the connection this has to the captivity industry.


We consider ourselves to be educators and facilitators and liaise with many other groups to create awareness and take action to help protect cetaceans and other marine

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Twitter: @MelbournDolphin

Morigenos, Slovenia


Morigenos – Slovenian Marine Mammal Society is an independent, scientific, non-profit, non-governmental organisation  that combines scientific research, monitoring, education, public awareness, capacity building and management, to achieve effective conservation of the marine environment and biodiversity.

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Twitter: @Morigenos_org

NIMMSA, Canada


The North Island Marine Mammal Stewardship Association (NIMMSA) consists of marine-based tourism companies that operate in the waters off north-eastern Vancouver Island between Campbell River and Cape Caution.


NIMMSA provides a platform from which members conduct stewardship activities aimed at benefiting marine mammals, the marine-based tourism industry, and their respective shared environment.


NIMMSA members are committed to the sustainability of a positive balance between the marine-based tourism industry and the health of the local marine eco-system.

Ocean Futures Society, USA


The mission of Ocean Futures Society is to explore our global ocean, inspiring and educating people throughout the world to act responsibly for its protection, documenting the critical connection between humanity and nature, and celebrating the ocean’s vital importance to the survival of all life on our planet.

Ocean Futures Society

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Twitter: @JMCousteau

Oceanomare Delphis Onlus, Italy


Oceanomare-Delphis Onlus (ODO) is a non-profit organization established to study and preserve cetaceans, and the ecosystems they inhabit, through knowledge, conservation and awareness actions.


ODO is the outcome of the fusion of two different Italian associations – Oceanomare and Delphis MDC – that had both successfully led research projects and conservation activities on cetaceans in the Mediterranean Sea. Sharing common views, actions and people, in 2010 Oceanomare and Delphis MDC decided to blend their effort, establishing a new, larger organization.


ODOnlus advances the science and practice of conserving cetaceans and marine biological diversity, implementing non-invasive studies, promoting education and conservation programs and enhancing public awareness of, and concern for, cetaceans and the marine environment.


ODO advocates for financial support of studies, scientific and conservation programmes and facilitates their dissemination through professional networking activities, educational opportunities, meetings, mass-media tools, scientific journals and other publications that meet the needs of researchers and practitioners.


ODO is an organization that believes the application of scientific knowledge to management and policy is essential for effective cetacean conservation. Greater understanding of links among science, management, and policy and better exchange of knowledge are necessary to conserve cetacean species and their habitats. Conservation practitioners and policy makers must participate in identifying issues that require new studies and clear translation and dissemination. A culture of sharing data and evaluation of management actions is necessary to build a common evidence base for future conservation actions on cetacean population.

Pottwale EV, Germany


Pottwale EV is a non-profit organisation based in Dusseldorf, Germany, dedicated to the research and conservation of the habitat of sperm whales.


This is achieved in particular through the following measures:

  • Maintenance and expansion of a whale research station in Dominica
  • Understanding the behaviour of sperm whales, especially in waters with intense human activities
  • Educating the public, lectures on whales, in particular in schools
  • Whale watching tours for children
  • Cooperation with other organisations with similar objectives

Project Jonah, New Zealand


Project Jonah is a registered charity that exists for one simple reason – marine mammals desperately need our help. Our vision is to create a world where these animals are respected and protected.


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Twitter: @ProjectJonah

SOS Delfines, Spain


SOSdelfines is a coalition of organisations created to expose the problems of captive cetaceans. SOSdelfines aims to raise awareness of their suffering, high mortality, aggression and other effects associated with maintaining dolphin, orcas and other cetacean species in zoos, aquaria and dolphinaria and to put an end to circus-like shows that use them.


Although originally established to work in Spain- the EU country with most captive cetaceans and dolphinaria- the SOSdelfines platform can be used to launch “sister campaigns” in other countries- such as the already existing in Italy. The web page is available in Spanish, English, French, German and Italian.

SOS Delfines

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Twitter: @SOSDelfines

WhaleFest, UK


WhaleFest is a not-for-profit company that runs its own events, plus offers consultancy on whale festivals, outreach education and more.


We have a small core staff and a team of 850+ volunteers and run the world’s largest festival about whales and dolphins – 15,000 people attended at Brighton UK in 2015 – which each time we offer as a public platform for the WCA to raise funds and awareness for a chosen campaign.


We help to develop festivals elsewhere around the World, take part in science festivals, gigs and parades in the UK, and our Incredible Oceans project – in partnership with WCA – will reach many thousands of school children in their classrooms.


Everything is aimed at fulfilling our mission:

“Together we give whales and dolphins a more powerful voice by gathering everyone who cares about them at the biggest events and biggest outreach in the World. By being popular, informative and entertaining, we aim to touch the hearts and minds of millions of regular people, inspiring them to be an army of ambassadors to defend marine life and our oceans”.


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Twitter: @WhaleFest

Wildlands, South Africa


Wildlands Conservation Trust is a South African based non-profit conservation organisation with a simple VISION of “A Sustainable Future for All”. Our vision supports our commitment to the stewardship of our natural resources that underpin the well-being, resilience and livelihoods of the communities that partner with Wildlands.


Wildlands implements various programmes, namely, Trees for Life, Greening Your Future, Recycling for Life, uBuntu Earth, Clothes for Life, Conservation SPACE, Sea’s for Life and Khuthaza Business. Despite each programme having separate aims and objectives, each are intrinsically linked, as they have similar geographical operational spaces and are aimed purely at livelihood support within rural and peri-urban communities.


By working at the critical interface between environmental conservation and socio-economic advancement, Wildlands aims to create resilient ecosystems through the development and facilitation of innovative “green-economy” solutions, which promote social inclusiveness and sustainable development. This also allows Wildlands to conserve biodiversity and manage the ecosystems which underpin the welfare of many South African communities. This interconnectivity between local communities and their supporting ecosystems, enables communities to derive direct benefit from the environment, but also ensures it’s long-term conservation.

World Animal Protection


We are World Animal Protection. We are active in more than 50 countries. From our offices around the world, we work with businesses, governments, local partners and animal welfare organisations. We help people to find practical ways to prevent animal suffering worldwide. We collaborate with national governments and we have formal relationships with international bodies including the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the United Nations Environment Programme, the Council of Europe and the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE). We seek national and international policy change to improve the lives of millions of animals, because animal protection is a fundamental part of a sustainable future.

Yorkshire Life Aquatics C.I.C, UK


Yorkshire Life Aquatic C.I.C. is an arts organisation specialising in synchronised swimming style dance performance in and out of water. We recreate the fun and glamour of vintage synchronised swimming in and out of water, in parks and pools, on beaches, at festivals, and even in fountains. We are also mermaids!


We use art and performance to promote positive body image, health and well-being to the public. We also use creative activism using mermaids to highlight environmental and animal rights issues with the main focus on the oceans. Our performances are unique and we pride ourselves in making work that is distinctive and brave as well as entertaining and though provoking.


We specialise in immersive, interactive experiences that bring you closer to the world of the sea…


Yorkshire Life Aquatic is run by Lucy Meredith and Zoe Parker, who first joined forces in 2013 after discovering a mutual love of synchronised swimming, water choreography and mermaids as well as a concern for the state of the oceans and their inhabitants.


Our new project The Human Aquarium uses creative activism to highlight the abuse of Sea mammals in captivity by recreating images of captive orcas/dolphins performing using humans as mermaids. Follow us @HumanAquariumUK

Whale or Dolphin Tour Operators (WWs)

Adventure Quest Tours, Canada


We are a family owned Adventure Tour company specialising in ethical Whale Watching and Grizzly Bear Viewing. We operate in the world’s first Whale Heritage Site, a pristine wilderness with an abundance of Northern Resident Orca, Transient (Biggs) Orca, Humpback Whales, Minke Whales, Grey Whales, Fin Whales (although rarely), Pacific White Sided Dolphins, Dall’s Porpoise, and Harbour Porpoise, located in the vicinity of Northern Vancouver Island and the surrounding mainland areas. We are a proud member of NIMMSA (North Island Marine Mammal Stewardship Association), and the World Cetacean Alliance. We firmly believe in “low impact” Wildlife viewing, so that the amazing creatures we enjoy are free as possible to go about their business without interference from boats.

Atlantiangra, Azore, Portugal


Atlantiangra-dolphin & whale watching is a tourist company, based in Angra do Heroísmo (Terceira, Azores) that is dedicated to the observation of cetaceans and boat trips. Our mission is to provide our clients with a pleasant and secluded experience in marine life, ecology and culture.


Auckland Whale & Dolphin Safari, New Zealand


Auckland Whale & Dolphin Safari make it easy to experience the astonishingly abundant wildlife of the beautiful Hauraki Gulf Marine Park.  Our 4.5 hour marine eco-safari offers guaranteed whale and dolphin viewing year-round, departing direct from the Viaduct Harbour in down-town Auckland city.


But we offer so much more than just whale and dolphin watching.  The privilege of being the only experience of our kind permitted to operate daily within this world-class conservation area has led us to establish New Zealand’s only research-based marine mammal experience.  Our safari combines up-close and personal viewing of whales, dolphins and sea-birds with important Marine Biology and Environmental Sciences research conducted on-board. Allowing the general public the chance to encounter, understand and above-all help protect this incredible resource of marine life.


There’s no need to travel far to enjoy a truly world-class wildlife adventure.  With over a third of the world’s marine-mammal species seen within the area and a marine-mammal viewing rate of over 95%, the amazing Hauraki Gulf Marine Park is one of the best places on the entire planet to see whales and dolphins.  Best of all it’s right on Auckland’s doorstep and waiting for you to explore it!

Azores Whale Watching Futurismo, Portugal


With 20 years of experience, Futurismo offers a unique experience in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Our guides will let you have some of the most spectacular adventures that nature has to offer.


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Twitter: @FuturismoAzores

Campbell River, Canada


Campbell River Whale Watching and Adventures Tours is located in downtown Campbell River, a thriving oceanside community on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. At CRWW we are proud to share our spectacular marine environment by offering Whale, Grizzly, Wildlife and Ocean Rapid Tours. We pride ourselves in providing well-organised, educational, safe and consistent experiences which follow all codes of conduct as well as the guidelines of our Whale Watching organisation.


We travel from our Floathouse office at Discovery Harbour Marina through the scenic Discovery Islands, Johnstone Strait, Bute Inlet, Desolation Sound and more to give our guests the best possible viewing experiences. Our guests come from across the globe to see Orca and Humpback Whales, Grizzly and Black Bears, Pacific Whitesided Dolphins, Sea Lions, Seals and Bold Eagles.


Our tour guides are experienced mariners, trained naturalists and all-around great people. It is their job to provide you with the most comfortable and exciting experience possible. The CRWW fleet includes four bright red, twelve passenger rigid hull inflatables as well as three covered metal tour boats, equipped with on-board washrooms and maintained in impeccable condition. Each vessel is also equipped with a hydrophone which enables us to listen to the vocalisations of Orca and Humpback Whales. During our tours we also include nutritious shore lunches, healthy snacks and hot or cold drinks.


Our office staff are known for their exceptional service and often go beyond expectations to make sure that our customers’ needs are met. CRWW is locally owned by three partners who have an abundance of marine experience as well as a passion for sharing their love of our marine environment and all it has to offer. All this has earned us the No. 1 ranking on Trip Advisor for “Things To Do in Campbell River”.



Cabo Trek, Mexico


At Cabo Trek we work to further the understanding and appreciation of the Ocean by re-establishing our connection with mother nature. Cabo Trek works diligently towards creating a common consciousness and understanding of the oceans and we strive to make a difference in this world by interacting with it responsibly and humanely. This means operating as one of the leading responsible wildlife tour operators in all of Los Cabos and simultaneously advise customers on ways they can help: be it donations, petitions, green thinking and more.


The Baja California Sur region is very rich in marine life: it has the largest humpback whale population in the Pacific and each year they journey all the way to our beautiful coasts, making it one of the most awe-inspiring times of the year. Gray Whales and Blue Whales can be seen, as well as large schools of pelagic fish, all kind of sharks including the whale sharks, sea lions, nesting turtles, which are all among the list of animals we can find while scuba diving, snorkeling, camping and whale watching! A close encounter with these majestic creatures, whether it is while whale watching, scuba diving or snorkeling, is sure to make your trip in Baja California Sur unforgettable. It is through our tours that we achieve our mission– giving you “another reason to love the ocean” and furthering your understanding and appreciation of it.


Cabo Trek: off the beaten trek! We choose to focus on small group tours only so that we can guarantee excellent quality service: all our guides are PADI certified scuba diving instructors and the crew counts with marine biologists, wildlife naturalists and skilled photo professionals, not to forget the most important skill: we are all driven by dedication and passion in what we do!

Cape Ann Whale Watch, USA


Cape Ann Whale Watch is the area leader in educational whale watching tours – having conducted whale watching trips from Gloucester, Massachusetts for over 34 years. Cape Ann Whale Watch, through the Ocean Alliance CETA program (Cetacean Education Through Awareness), is the only whale watch company in the Northeast USA to feature a comprehensive educational program completely integrated into the whale watch.

Cape Ann WW

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Twitter: @SeeTheWhales

Cape Cruiser, Portugal


Cape Cruiser has been around since 2003 and is the only company based in Sagres, south of Portugal, which offers a wide range of services through an experienced and dynamic team. Sagres is the most southwest point of Europe and it belongs to the Southwest and Vicentine Coast Natural Park, a beautiful place to watch cetaceans, sharks and migratory birds.


Our trips for the Dolphin Watching are unique. Before each tour we do an educational briefing explaining the species possible to be seen and our behaviour in the sea according with an ethical code of conduct. This nature experience takes 1h30m, in a rigid inflated boat. Our goal is not only to show the cetaceans in their natural habitat but create an experience in a safe and educative manner. During the trips our marine biologists collect important data and do photo-identification.


Cape Cruiser works directly with AIMM – Association of Research of the Marine Environment, but we also have partnerships with others environmental conservation projects and associations. Our boats are a platform for the researchers and students from the associations involved.


It is possible to observe different species of cetaceans depending on their migratory patterns. During all year we can see the Short Beaked Common Dolphin, the Bottlenose Dolphin and the Harbour Porpoise. And according to the season time we can watch the Risso’s Dolphin, the Stripped Dolphin, the Orca, the Fin Whale, the Minke Whale and the Sei Whale. Other marine wildlife can be seen such as the Blue Shark, the Hammer-head Shark, the Basking Shark, the Loggerhead Turtle and big pelagic fish.


Never forgetting the safety on the sea we have an experienced skipper that is responsible for the safety briefing on board. Join us to discover the amazing world of Sagres.

Conscious Breath Adventures, Dominican Republic


Conscious Breath Adventures specialize in liveaboard cruises to encounter the Humpback Whales of the Silver Bank. A voyage with Conscious Breath Adventures takes you to experience one of the premier congregations of Humpback Whales found anywhere, in the Sanctuary for the Marine Mammals of the Dominican Republic. With thousands of whales gathering here every winter to mate and calve, you will see a dazzling display of behaviors from the deck of our tenders and eye to eye as you slip quietly into the sea to interact with these graceful giants in their ocean home.

Dana Wharf Whale Watching, USA


The original whale watching company in Orange County, Ca, Dana Wharf Whale Watching began in 1971 and was the first whale watching company in Orange County. We are the premier year-round whale watching facility in Southern California if you are coming to Whale Watch you want to do it from Dana Point with Dana Wharf the pioneers of the industry . We interact with over 1000 whales during the Gray whale migration in the winter and view hundreds of 90 feet Blue whales in the summer. In addition to whales, thousands of dolphins, sea lions, sea faring birds and even shark are found year-round in our waters, so we always have plenty of wildlife to see.

Dana Wharf

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Discovery Marine Safaris, Canada


Since establishing in 2007 we have adopted the ethics of our sister company Stubbs Island Whale Watching located 200 km to the north. They are BC’s first whale watching company and are highly respected as leaders in environmentally responsible whale watching. Our overall approach is highly respectful of the environment – striving to have your wildlife adventures count for the good of research and conservation and to have our operations be environmentally sustainable.


Departure is from Campbell River, conveniently located on central Vancouver Island; just 1.5 hours’ drive north from the ferry from Vancouver, British Columbia. Campbell River is known as “The Salmon Capital of the World” and as a result we have the great privilege of frequent sightings of the many animals that depend on this keystone species, including bears; Pacific White-Sided Dolphins, Dall’s and Harbour Porpoises; Pacific Harbour Seals; Steller and California Sea Lions; and the “Northern Resident” Killer Whales/Orca (inshore fish eaters). Our area has become one of the most predictable places in the world to see the mammal-eating Killer Whales known as “Bigg’s” or “Transient” Killer Whales.


Our common concern for the ocean has led to an ongoing effort to support conservation and research. Information on whale movements, identification and behaviour is constantly flowing between our staff and researchers. This allows us to offer very relevant and intriguing information and connects our guests to the wildlife and the environment in a very unique way.


The Divine Dolphin, Costa Rica


The Divine Dolphin has been running Dolphin and Whale tours off the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica since 1998. This area is known as one of the most biologically intense places on Earth, both on land and at sea, and for this reason, we have been working towards a protected marine area here for many years.


Our tours are both educational, with an on-board research marine biologist, and also are spiritually oriented towards the Love and Joy that the dolphins and whales share with us and we bring you the best of both worlds! We have the longest season of Humpback Whales in the world as we get migrations from both North and South America, and we often encounter pods of dolphins in the hundreds and even thousands. We most often encounter the Spotted Dolphins, also known as our “Homeboys,” and of course the Humpback Whales during the peak seasons. We also often encounter Bottlenose Dolphins, RoughTooth Dolphins, Spinner Dolphins, Common Dolphins, Pseudo Orcas and many other species of dolphins and whales that pass through these biodiverse waters.


We offer both day tours and all-inclusive packages that combine both our incredible marine life and our rich rainforests full of land animals such as monkeys, macaws and toucans.


We invite you to experience the incredible combination of nature, both on land and sea found only here in Drake Bay on the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica.

Divine Dolphin

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Twitter: @SierraGoodman

Dolphin Adventure Gibraltar


Dolphin Adventure is Gibraltar’s largest and most experienced dolphin and whale watching organisation which has been established for 20, years providing daily excursions to see dolphins and whales in their natural habitat. We are the preferred operator for most local agents and tour operators, adhering to, the strict guidelines set down by such companies as Cunard and TUI (to name just a couple) neither of which will offer activities that include captive dolphins. Our mission statement is ‘To provide the client with the best possible dolphin watching experience whilst maintaining a neutral level of intrusion’. For us, the welfare of these beautiful creatures and their environment is second only to safety, with all tours being conducted in the correct manner following our own voluntary code of conduct and the recently introduced local legislation to which our marine biologist, Rocio Espada, was a major contributor. Tours include a live commentary on the wildlife that we encounter and information on responsible whale and dolphin watching making the whole experience enjoyable and educational for all ages.


We are involved and connected with conservation organisations and are working very hard to promote Gibraltar as leader in this field. Gibraltar is recognised by many as the birthplace of the current dolphin and whale watching industry and we want to keep Gibraltar on the front line as this industry moves forward to become a totally responsible form of self-sustainable eco-tourism. We have an in depth research program in place logging information on behaviour, numbers, breeding, feeding and the effects of shipping on our resident and transient dolphins. We also have a photo identification program, which we encourage our customers to contribute to, with thousands of photographs being collated and logged. Both of these projects are available to view and comment on online. Our new website features information about our company, a booking area, photo gallery, links to our research and Rocio’s blog.

Dolphin Encountours, Mozambique


Angie’s Dolphin Center is based in Ponta do Ouro and was founded for the purpose of educational and ethical wild dolphin in-water encountours that would fund the longterm monitoring of the local Dolphins of Ponta when she moved to Mozambique in 1999.  Angie’s love & dedication to the dolphins and citizen science saw the birth of what was to be Africa’s first structured wild dolphin swim program.


We invite you to take the plunge, face your fears & experience something truly magical when coming face to face with wild dolphins; sentient, non-human persons who allow us to experience their true essence of being wild & free while in the company of a small team of conservation orientated individuals who strive to create a safe space for marine mammal encounters to take place in the open ocean. Angie share’s a 21 year bond with the local dolphins having known many of them most of their lives.


We are one of two dedicated dolphin swim facilities in Mozambique and offer research motivated boat based activities which focus on in-water experiences to engage with wild dolphins, on their terms.  We strive to create a space for interspecies engagements to take place offer a unique one on one experience with dolphins that works within the realms of conscious interaction.

DERC 0515

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Twitter: @dolphincaremoz

Dolphin and Whale Connection, UK


The Dolphin Connection is based in Brighton on the south coast of England. We have been established since 1995, growing steadily over the years to improve our service as well as the number of locations we visit. Our local team in each location have a high level of experience and expertise so you are really with some of the best skippers and local guides available.


We maintain a small and personal approach so that everyone feels welcome and well taken care of. It is a privilege for us to facilitate each person’s unique adventure with the dolphins and whales. We take people to beautiful places worldwide that are key locations for dolphins and whales. We have been taking groups to the Azores for over 17 years and have specialist knowledge of the marine life and the islands. We are involved with marine conservation initiatives through campaigns and awareness raising films.

Eagle Eye Adventures, Canada


From April 1st until mid-October, Eagle Eye Adventures Tours offer Whale Watching, Ocean rapids/Wildlife tours and of course our magnificent Grizzly Bear Expeditions. Your adventure starts at Campbell River’s Harbour Marina. Come and explore the beautiful central coast of British Columbia – one of the best places in the world to observe whales, grizzly bears, and other wildlife.


Eagle Eye Adventures Tours have been named as one of the top 2 best things to do in Canada by European travel agencies. Our tours are a terrific base for photography and viewing diverse wildlife. With a maximum of 12 guests on each tour, we can personalize your wilderness adventure, and help you put those animals on your life list.


From right in Campbell River, you can hop onto one of our boats and head out on the waters of Johnstone Strait and Desolation Sound, off the Discovery Islands, and sometimes even the Sunshine Coast to watch a pod of Orcas or to witness a Humpback Whale breaching the surface. Porpoises and Dolphins can often by seen playing in the wake of our boats.


What we love about the wilderness here is that it is still wild!


Our straights and open waterways are what we’re famous for. The unique currents caused by ebbing and flooding tides support a food chain that starts with phytoplankton up through herring, salmon, dolphins, seals, orcas and humpback whales. On land, you can find cinnamon, black, and grizzly bears, deer, elk, cougar, wolves, and of course eagles, watching you as you watch them.

E-Ko Tours, New Zealand


At E-Ko, our aim is to increase awareness and appreciation of wildlife, the environment and promote conservation by providing a unique experience on both land and sea with exceptional service that exceeds all customer expectations. We recognise that it is our staff that provide this service. To facilitate staff in providing you with the best possible experience, we as a company take their wellbeing very seriously. To help us achieve this balance, we take inspiration from the Te Whetu (The Star). The concept of Te Whetu was developed as a framework to encompass the five key areas of overall wellbeing. These five areas are; manatu (mind), kaupapa (body), wairua (spirit), whanau (family) and whenua tapui (land).

Manatu (mind) – We encourage free thought, input from staff and proactively help develop staff members’ skill sets and knowledge.

Kaupapa (body) – We encourage staff to have a healthy lifestyle and endeavor to provide a good work/life balance. We compensate staff with fair and clearly structured wages and work with them to achieve their individual goals within the organisation.

Wairu (spirit) – Everyone at E-Ko, prides themselves on contributing to a positive working environment and as an organisation we are always looking for new and innovative ways to make our place of work a happy one that everyone can enjoy and be proud of.

Whanau (family) – At E-Ko we consider ourselves a family and as such care for and look out for each other. We also recognise and respect out staff’s immediate family and their needs within that unit. We actively work towards providing staff with a good work life balance so that they can spend time with their family and loved ones.

Whenua Tapui (land) – As an organisation E-Ko is actively involved in conservation and protection of the land. All our employees are involved with this process in the course of their day-today duties. Beyond this, employees are also provided with unique opportunities to participate in conservation outside the scope of their general duties if they so wish.

Elding Whale Watching, Iceland


Elding Whale Watching has decades of experience and offers the most talked about whale watching and sea adventure tours in Iceland. All year round we offer whale watching, incentive and exclusive tours and the ferry to Viðey Island. Additionally in summer time we offer puffin watching and sea angling.



Twitter: @eldingwhale

Eye to Eye Marine Encounters, Australia


Want to swim alongside the world’s friendliest whales? Be eye to eye with one of the most intelligent minds in our oceans? All while contributing to research to ensure their protection?


Then join an expedition with Eye to Eye Marine Encounters.


Eye to Eye Marine Encounters runs 4-6 day expeditions to the best dive sites on the Great Barrier Reef and aims to provide unforgettable interactions with Dwarf Minke Whales. For a few short weeks each year these amazing animals actively approach and engage divers, snorkelers and boats (sometimes for hours on end), an event that happens no-where else on earth. Eye to Eye Marine Encounters pioneered this industry and helped develop the Code of Practice for swimming with whales. We are considered world leaders in sustainable and ethical marine animal interactions as all encounters are carried out on the whale’s terms.


As the only permitted vessel with no fixed itinerary, we are free to make the most out of changing sea conditions and seasonal highlights to ensure you have the very best experience. The cost of your trip also helps to fund fieldwork by leading marine scientists. In return they:

  • provide fascinating on board lectures as well as informal discussions
  • allow you to observe and take part in the science (participation optional)
  • share cutting edge techniques and discoveries in real time


This unique arrangement allows you to get closer to wildlife than ever before (often within an arm’s length!) while also supporting valuable research and conservation. And don’t forget that all trips include ample opportunity to dive and snorkel at some of the top sites on the Great Barrier Reef.

Eye to Eye Marine Encounters


Twitter: @MarineEncounter

Farewell Harbour Lodge, Canada


Owned and operated by the Brockway and McGrady families, our mission at Farewell Harbour Lodge is simple: To help our guests experience the profound beauty of the Broughton Archipelago and the Great Bear Rainforest. We do that by offering inspiring west coast style ocean-side accommodations, sumptuous meals and engaging, passionate guides who will lead you on daily adventures deep into the heart of this wild and beautiful part of the planet.

Fast Raft, USA


Fast Raft Ocean Safaris are a fun and exciting way to explore the beautiful Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary! Our low-to-the-water boat, Ranger, is comfortable, quiet, and highly maneuverable, offering an incredible perspective of marine wildlife and beautiful coastal scenery. With a maximum of six passengers, each tour is customized to the unique desires of our guests. Each passenger has a front row seat for an exhilarating experience of our amazing ocean wilderness.



Twitter: @fastraftwhale

FIRMM, Spain & Switzerland


The organization firmm (foundation for information and research on marine mammals) is dedicated to the research and protection of whales and dolphins. From April until November we offer whale-watching-tours of two hours several times per day – in addition, in July and August we offer trips of three hours to search for the killer whales. Before boarding we provide our guests with valuable information about the whales and dolphins in the Strait of Gibraltar and also give insight into firmm’s work. It is important for us to treat the animals with the demanded respect in order to minimize any disturbance. Therefore our skippers are specially trained to drive the boat in a careful manner. The organization firmm has also sent in “regulations for a respectful whale watching” to Spanish authorities in Madrid. Hopefully, one day all whales in Spanish waters can profit from that. Apart from the daily boat-trips we also give people the opportunity to meet the whales and dolphins in the Strait of Gibraltar during our courses (1 week) and learn more about these animals. Our aim is to pass on our knowledge to as many people as possible. By doing this we hope to sensitize more and more people to the state of our oceans and their inhabitants.

Freebird Catamaran, Spain


Freebird Catamaran is a Whale & Dolphin watch Tour Operator in Tenerife, Canary Islands (Spain), with more than 20 years of experience with excursions in Tenerife.


We are lovers of cetaceans and we make sure to respect the whales and dolphins that live permanently on our coast, or pass close by the island during their annual migration, when we are on the water.

Tenerife is one of the best places in the world to enjoy the sight of pilot whales and bottlenose dolphins. These cetaceans live in a stable colonies in the south of the island. What makes whale and dolphin watching in Tenerife so special is the fact that these precious animals live very close to the coast. It’s just so easy and hilarious watching them in freedom.

It is also one of the best attractions on Tenerife, because we can find up to 21 different species near the coast, starting with the giant blue whale up to the fearsome orcas. An opportunity you shouldn’t miss, being in one of the few places on the planet which offers this wide range of whales within walking distance of the hotel.

Our aim is to create an unforgettable experience for our passengers, putting the best catamarans and a friendly, careful crew at your disposal to make sure you feel comfortable at all times and enjoy a unique environment.

Just a few minutes from your hotel you can enjoy the best whale and dolphin watching excursion in Tenerife. On the Freebird Catamaran website or excursion offices you can book an excursion of 3 hours around Costa Adeje area, and an excursion of 4,5 hours to the cliffs of Los Gigantes and Masca.

Our guide is specialized in cetaceans and will explain you the behavior of the species that live permanently on the coast of Tenerife, or of those which are passing by during their annual migration. You will understand why they live here, and how we can protect these mammals.

Hebridean Whale Cruises, UK




You can have the fun and adventure of Orca 1, our open RHIB, speeding you quickly and safely to offshore destinations; or the comfort and stability of the M.V. Kerry, our classic offshore cruiser. We can take you on a unique trip to the remote and fascinating Shiant Islands. We offer specialist cruises for those interested in the birds of the sea. We cater for all – from families and parties to individual travellers.


We are renowned for our local knowledge, expertise, and awareness of marine ecology. For whale and wildlife cruises from Gairloch there is simply no-one to compare. Hebridean Whale Cruises offer an exceptional marine wildlife experience.

Ilha Blue, Mozambique


Ilha Blue is a tour operator based on Ilha De Mozambique, a small island and the former capital of the country of Mozambique.


Ilha Blue offers a range of tours and activities lead by local Macua guides and wherever possible using traditional forms of transport and technology. From July through to early October when the Humpback Whales are gathered nearby we offer whale-watching trips in a traditional Swahili sailing dhow.


Other activities include snorkelling, kayaking and bicycle tours of the UNESCO World Heritage island.


Kingfisher Wilderness Adventures, Canada


Based in Port McNeill on northern Vancouver Island, Kingfisher has two comfortable wilderness base camps in the heart of the world’s First Candidate Whale Heritage Site. From these base camps, four day and three night tours are offered to responsibly kayak with whales. These tours are suitable for beginner kayakers and family friendly departures are offered for families with children as young as six years old.


Kingfisher prides themselves on small group sizes, allowing close personal attention and minimal impact on the environment and the wildlife we view from our kayaks. Our maximum group sizes at the base camps are ten guests with three guides.


In addition, Kingfisher offers longer expedition style kayak tours off northern Vancouver Island and further north in the Great Bear Rainforest and Haida Gwaii.

Knight Inlet Lodge, Canada


Knight Inlet Lodge is a remote wildlife viewing lodge located on the coast of British Columbia. While our main focus is grizzly bear viewing we also operate whale watching tours during the season. A founding member of the Commercial Bear Viewing Association, and a long time member of NIMMSA, Knight Inlet Lodge has a well established reputation for responsible, ethical wildlife viewing.


Our season runs from late May to mid October with the prime whale watching season running from early July until late in September. Our remote location affords us the unique ability to provide guests with outstanding grizzly bear viewing as well as excellent whale watching all from one lodge. Knight Inlet Lodge is a floating lodge with 18 guest rooms and is set in a spectacular location with incredible scenery and wildlife at our doorstep.

Majestic Whale Encounters, Tonga


Every year from the end of July to October, Humpback whales visit the tropical northern islands of Tonga. They migrate here in large numbers to mate and give birth. In the crystal blue waters of Ha’apai we are privileged to enter the water with these majestic mammals of the ocean, interact with them and experience their world. We follow all non-invasive guidelines set by the Responsible Partnership for Whale Watching and Majestic Whale Encounters understands that it is an honour not a right to share their world with them.


Come with us to experience the magic of the humpback whale, swim with them in their world. Live your dream!

Majestic Whale Encounters


Twitter: @MajesticWhale_E

Marine Discovery Penzance, UK


Join us on our sailing catamaran, Shearwater II, for a unique marine wildlife watching adventure. The diversity of the wildlife found in West Cornwall is what makes it special. Trips could encounter grey seals, various seabirds, or different species of dolphins and porpoises, enigmatic ocean sunfish or even giants such as minke whales, humpback whales, basking sharks and leatherback turtles! Sailing gives you the most special encounter possible, the quiet meaning you can hear the splashes of the gannets as they dive and the whistles of the dolphins as they bowride alongside us. Be assured also that you have chosen the most environmentally responsible option. Part of what makes Marine Discovery exceptional is that we use our trips to collect scientific data. No other tour company in the UK does this to the same extent and it is an incredibly important part of our job.


Shearwater II carries a maximum of 12 passengers so you have space, comfort and freedom to move without being squashed or trying to see over heads. 360 degree views for every passenger (if you have been wildlife watching then you know how important this is!) – Our boat is set up for the best viewing. She is a low impact vessel with quiet engines and sail power – better for the wildlife and better for you. Respect – we use our knowledge of the wildlife to watch it behaving in its natural way. This means you get the best encounters while knowing you are not disturbing the animals you have come to see.


Our guides are keen naturalists and graduate marine biologists/scientists. Duncan, Hannah and their small team are completely dedicated to giving the best experience possible and are looking forward to welcoming you to Marine Discovery.



Twitter: @Marine_Discovery

Mirissa Water Sports, Sri Lanka


Mirissa Water Sports is a social business that was created in 2005 at the initiative of the Building A Future Foundation. MWS is pioneer in whale watching activities in Sri Lanka and received a certificate of excellence from TripAdvisor in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.Seeing the success of MWS, about 45 fishing boats out of 300 in Mirissa Harbor were retrofitted or new boats were purchased for whale watching activities generating sustainable revenues. Many times, fathers still work as fishermen while their sons orient their business activities into more lucrative whale watching activities.


The whale watching activity generates work for about 180 persons and the revenues from the activity benefit to about 1000 persons. During the good season, hundreds of tourists are present at dawn in the colored and picturesque Mirissa harbor to embark for a few hours journey at sea to spot these huge cetaceans.


MWS is operational in Mirissa on the south-west coast from November to April and recently opened a new base on the east coast of Sri Lanka from May to October. MWS works in collaboration with scientists for a better understanding and protection of whales and dolphins in order to propose an environmentally responsible activity to tourists.


Mirissa Sri Lanka considered as one of the best destination for Blue Whale watching and it is possible to spot Brydes and Sperm whales on the same sail.


MWS briefly.. is the;

  • One and only Sri Lanka Tourist Board APPROVED Whale Watcher in Mirissa
  • PIONEERS of Commercial WHALE WATCHING in Sri Lanka
  • Most reliable and PROFFESIONAL service provider
  • Member of WCA (World Cetacean Alliance)
  • Most EXPERIENCED whale watching crew
  • Highly INSURED and SECURED vessels
  • CHILDREN FRIENDLY service provider
  • Trip Advisor WINNERS (2011 to 2015)

North Island Kayak, Canada


Located in historic Telegraph Cove in the heart of the Vancouver Island North Whale Heritage Site, North Island Kayak is the choice for kayaking tours focused on unobtrusive and responsible wildlife viewing. With a first class reputation and a selection of tours with duration of 2 hours through 8 days, we cater to all ages and from those who have never kayaked before, to the most experienced.


Our multi-day tours of 2-4 days typically meander between our 6 low impact, seasonal, wilderness base camps scattered in Johnstone Strait & Blackfish Sound. By staying at a different camp each night you will be exposed to the full beauty of the area and the maximum diversification of whales and other wildlife, while being assured of comfortable tents, already set in prime wildlife sighting locations.


Tours of 5-8 days are self-contained. Everything we need is packed into out kayaks as we follow the ocean currents through Johnstone Strait and deep into the Broughton archipelago in search of the prolific wildlife, scenic beauty and ancient evidence of the First Nation peooples who have inhabited this area since long before western written history.


Our day tours provide everyone a taste of the area, are fun for all and have regular opportunities  for sightings of porpoises, seals, eagles, bears and both humpback whales and Orcas.


Come visit Vancouver Island North and let our experienced guides using top quality equipment, introduce you to the spectacular wildlife of the world’s first Whale Heritage Site and the and the realm of the Orcas.

Oceano Gomera, Spain


OCEANO Gomera a Whale Watching operator who stands for a respectful Whale Watching.


Our priorities are to offer respectful encounters with whales and dolphins, to inform and raise awareness about cetaceans and the ocean, to use our resources and those of our planet in a responsible way and to offer an obliging service to our guests at all times. We offer regular lectures and screenings of documentaries at our office on La Gomera, pointing out amongst other things the different threats to the sensitive eco system of the oceans and their inhabitants. We provide all guests with comprehensive information material and “eco tips” for their holidays. All our boat excursions are accompanied by a multilingual OCEANO guide providing detailed information.


OCEANO is a participant of a comprehensive, long-term management project for tourism within the framework of the European charter for sustainable tourism (Carta Europea de TurismoSostenible – CETS) on La Gomera. Of the numerous applicants for this environmental and sustainability process, OCEANO Gomera S.L. is one of 18 companies on the island which were accepted.



Twitter: @GomeraOceano

ROW Sea Kayak Adventures, USA


Why just watch whales when you can join them? A National Geographic “Best Adventure Travel Company on Earth,” Sea Kayak Adventures operates sea kayaking and whale watching tours in six countries worldwide. While the whale-focused tours are centered in Baja, Mexico, British Columbia and Quebec, Canada, and Peninsula Valdes, Patagonia, tours are also offered in Italy, Scotland, and the Galapagos. With over 20 years in business, every operations detail is refined to perfection, and the company remains dedicated to sustainable whale watching and tourism.


A kayak offers the chance to not only watch whales, but truly immerse oneself in their marine environment. Because kayaking is largely non-invasive to marine life, these eco-friendly tours offer a chance to view whales and dolphins at sea level, without the sound of engines or the vantage of a boat. At this level, which is eye-level to a whale or dolphin looking back at you, the experience is intimate and personal. With knowledgeable and charismatic guides, including marine biologists, a Sea Kayak Adventures tours is not just a kayak tour, it’s an interactive wilderness experience. Tours are suitable for novices and feature sheltered waters and stable, study sea kayaks to share your adventure vacation.

Raggy Charters, South Africa


The Baywatch Marine Conservation Project was started by Lloyd Edwards in 1992. Inter alia, the objectives are to educate the community and especially the youth about the marine environment and the need for its protection and conservation, assisting in marine law enforcement as honorary conservators, assisting scientists in their marine research and carrying out our own marine research.


Raggy Charters was started in 1997 in order to run marine eco tours in Algoa Bay and thus generate a steady supply of income in order to run the Baywatch project. Raggy Charters has the only Boat Based Whale Watching permit for Algoa Bay.The Penguin Research Fund was started by Lloyd Edwards and wife Dr Lorien Pichegru in 2009 in order to raise funds for penguin (and cetacean)research and construct a research vessel (launched in 2011). We have lost 70% of the African Penguin population since 2004. Dr Pichegru heads up all African Penguin research in Algoa Bay. She is also the scientific advisor to The Baywatch project and Raggy Charters. Ellie Bottomley has a BSc degree in animal behaviour and assists in coordinating close encounters with cetaceans and is also the manager of Raggy Charters.

Southern Right Charters, South Africa


SOUTHERN RIGHT CHARTERS is a leading boat based whale watching operator. The company is environmentally sensitive and as a licensed permit holder operates under the motto OBSERVING NOT DISTURBING. The company has been in operation since 1999 and is located in Hermanus, regarded as one of the best whale watching areas in the world. This up, close and personal encounter with the gentle giants of the ocean promises to be an ‘experience to be treasured.’


The different areas offers spectacular viewing opportunities. During the tour the friendly crew and knowledgeable guides adds that personal touch to ensure an all-round great experience.

Stubbs Island Whale Watching, Canada


Operating out of historic Telegraph Cove since 1980, Stubbs Island Whale Watching was BC’s first whale watching company and has pioneered the idea of responsible wildlife viewing with true educational merit. Our overall approach is highly respectful of the environment – striving to have your wildlife adventure count for the good of research and conservation and to have our operations be environmentally sustainable.


Telegraph Cove is located on northern Vancouver Island and is BC’s last boardwalk community. It’s also the gateway to the Broughton Archipelago, Johnstone Strait and Robson Bight. This is the closest possible departure point to where the whales and other wildlife are most often sighted leading to reduced average vessel transit time and minimised carbon footprint. The area is core habitat for Humpback Whales, Northern Resident Killer Whales/Orca, Pacific White-Sided Dolphins, Steller Sea Lions, Dall’s Porpoise and more.


Along with our sister company Discovery Marine Safaris, our common concern for the ocean has led to an ongoing effort to support conservation and research. Information on whale movements, identification and behaviour is constantly flowing between our staff and researchers. This allows us to offer very relevant and intriguing information and connects our guests to the wildlife and the environment in a very unique way.

Tito Botazzi, Argentina


It is a family company that dedicates itself to the interpretation of the land, coast, marine and submarine ecosystems of the Peninsula Valdés, that was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


The company is a tourist operator with 25 years of experience in Patagonia. They dedicate themselves to satisfy the expectations of the clients, offering them a full service, where the conservation of the environment is basic to understand the natural beauty that surrounds us.


Thanks to their years of experience, they have managed to become one of the main companies working in tourism on the Peninsula Valdés.


They are a company offering direct service of whale watching and nautical excursions. The company has his own boats for whale watching from June to December and nautical excursions of the fauna and snorkeling, during summer. Argentinian Navy and The Provincial Tourism Organisation of Chubut take care of these excursions.


Excursions on land, as well as in public as in private services, are offered in their own vehicles.

Turmares Tarifa, Spain


Turmares Tarifa SL is a company dedicated to sea tourism with emphasis on “whale and dolphin watching” in the Strait of Gibraltar and Bay of Algeciras. With 10 years of experience the company is a credible partner, which is confirmed by the certificates ISO 9001 and ISO14001. Turmares is also registered as Tourist Company by Tourism Board of the Andalucía Council as well as by is certified under the green label Andalucía Natural Park Brand.


Three boats for 8, 60 and 150 passengers Turmares owns 3 boats. The biggest one, Jackelin, can take 150 passengers – this is a modern boat with the underwater windows. The middle one, Dolphin Safari, with capacity of 60 people, is a fancy “oldschool” boat. Both boats have bar, 2 toilets for man and woman, indoor and outdoor areas. The smallest one, Rainbow, is a fast boat that can take 8 passengers for exclusive and adventure trips. All boats have all certificates and insurances what means that they meet high standards of maintenance assured by ISO 9.001certificate for quality management


Vancouver Island Photo Tours 


Our photo tours visit the most beautiful and scenic places around Northern Vancouver Island, while having a chance to photograph and watch grizzly bears, black bears, killer whales, humpback whales, dolphins, bald eagles and other wildlife.


Rolf Hicker is a full time award winning professional photographer for 30+ years in the field of wildlife, nature and travel photography. He knows and has photographed the area around Northern Vancouver Island for 30+ years. Born and raised in Freising, Germany, he immigrated to Canada in 2004 and made beautiful Northern Vancouver Island his home where he also offers the Artists Point Bed & Breakfast.

Verballenas, Spain


Looking for an alternative to the progressive decline of the fishing activity in its port and trying to promote economic activities linked to the Sea -sustainable and respectful with the natural environment- the Tourism Area of Santurtzi Town Council, supported by a group of marine naturalists and experts in the material, will make one-day trips for seabirds, whales and dolphins watching.

We will travel for a day along the different marine ecosystems of our continental platform, as well as the edge of the cantilever, the deep sea gullies, ecosystems very rich in marine biodiversity and where live and feed the great whales, sperm whales, the beacked whale and even the killer whales.

With the intention of reducing the footprint of co2, we have created a forest of native trees that is enlarged every year – thanks to the participation of schoolchildren from local schools – with the necessary funds for their care and conservation and which can be visited.

The Whale and Dolphin Company, The Maldives


We are a small specialist business providing world-class wildlife watching holidays in The Indian Ocean.


Our main emphasis is on whales and dolphins. But we enjoy all forms of wildlife, including birds, fishes and some quite extraordinary marine insects.


All trips are led by Dr. Charles ‘Chas’ Anderson, a professional marine biologist who has lived and worked in the Maldives since 1983. Chas is the foremost authority on both the whales and dolphins and the fishes in the Maldives, and a pioneer of whale and dolphin watching in the region.

Whale Quest, Mexico


Based in Cabo San Lucas, BCS, Whale Quest is the first and only whale watching company in the region, founded and operated entirely by marine biologists.

We are passionate about our oceans and marine life, and we strive to offer information and education to our guests on the importance of conserving whales and their habitat.

Our main goal is to provide our guests with an experience that is both fun and educational, while enjoying encounters with these great and magnificent creatures, as we take a tour in the waters that serve as breeding grounds for Humpback whales during the winter.

Performing our whale watching activities in the most responsible and sustainable manner is our highest priority. You can be sure we will always follow and respect national and international rules and guidelines.

We are an environmentally and socially responsible company, which cares for our resource and create jobs for the people in our community.

In Whale Quest we have a big commitment with conservation and sustainable ecotourism, we use our whale watching outings as an alternate platform to generate knowledge for cetacean research and conservation. During our whale watching outings we document the presence of the different species of cetaceans in the area, collect photo ID data, and we put our infrastructure to the service of students and researchers that require a platform to collect field data.

If you are looking for an intimate, fun and educational experience, join our biologist guides, when you join our whale watching quests, you can be sure you will cause the smallest impact to those creatures during our outings, and you will have the most qualified guides in the region, that will share with you their training, experience in marine sciences.

Whale Watch Azores, Portugal


Whale Watch Azores aims to offer clients a high quality whale and dolphin watching experience with a low environmental impact. Animal welfare comes before client satisfaction. We want to whet your appetite to learn more about the oceans, the animals that live in them and the threats they face.


We regularly see 6 or 7 species of cetacean, including some of the ocean giants: blue, fin and sperm whales, set against the backdrop of the beautiful Azores. We offer full day tours on a 12m catamaran, “Physeter”, with a maximum group of 12. The tours are a learning experience for everyone and your tour fee funds research aboard, ongoing since 1988.


We have been operating tours since 1993 and over the years have acquired a lot of knowledge on how to approach the various species we observe to cause a minimum of disturbance. If we detect signs of disturbance or avoidance, we will not chase the animals. Since our trips are for the whole day, we do not have to race other boats to arrive first; we can take our time. We do not swim with the animals. Identification photographs are taken of several species. These photos enable us to track their long-distance movements. Our marine biologist, Lisa Steiner, discovered movements of female sperm whales between the Azores and Canaries and males between the Azores and Norway. Humpback whales have been matches between the Azores, Cape Verde and Norway. Several blue whales have been identified in multiple years, indicating a preferential migration route.


Whale Watch Azores promotes best practice whale watching and urges others to do the same. Without the animals, whale watching would not exist. Put simply, your money helps to ensure that your holiday of a lifetime will be there for the next generation to enjoy.

Whale Watch West Cork, Ireland


Whale Watch West Cork is dedicated to providing our customers with a safe, comfortable and educational whale and dolphin watching experience. We seek to impart detailed knowledge on the marine mammals and other wildlife we encounter and on the wider issues of marine conservation through informed commentary with special emphasis on the current threats facing these unique animals and their fragile environment. We directly support conservation measures through education and research.


Our trips are always oriented towards education with a strong conservation message and we are the ONLY whale watch operator in West Cork to have a qualified zoologist available and information sheets on EVERY trip. With state-of-the-art hydrophone and camera equipment available onboard along with our detailed interactive commentaries we create an informative and educational experience that few other operators are able to recreate.


Whale Watch West Cork is committed to an accreditation protocol, which dictates that all boat operators should be properly trained to conduct marine wildlife tours in order to maximize the opportunities for customers and minimize pressure on the animals and habitats being viewed. All our skippers are fully trained and boats licensed to conduct marine wildlife tours. We will never pressurise wildlife and operate a “no trace” policy


Our safety policy is based on the Irish Department of Marine safety code for passenger boat operations at sea. We voluntarily EXCEED the legal requirement for safety equipment. All our boats are fully licensed by the DoM and have the latest safety equipment including lifejackets for all passengers and crew, a self launching life raft, distress flares, emergency DSC marine VHF radio, an E.P.I.R.B (emergency position indicating radio beacon) and the latest in navigation equipment, over and above that required by the licensing authority


Whale Watch Western Australia, Australia



Discover the Dinosaurs of the Deep and Learn the Language of the Whales with Whale Watch Western Australia and join our five star whale watching experiences.


Whale Watchers all over the world are limited to the migration patterns of different whales which only last 3-6 months. We now offer whale watching experiences 12 months of the year sighting some of the rarest whales over a 750 kilometre ocean coverage.


Western Australia has not only the largest Humpback migration in the world but guaranteed sightings of the rare Blue Whales, Sperm Whales, the Orca and the endangered Southern Right Whale. We offer all year experiences from our 5 outlets statewide, this is an Australian first.

Wild Encounter, Thailand


Wild Encounter Thailand is the very first whale watching and wildlife eco-tourism company based in Bangkok, Thailand. We specialized in running Bryde’s whale watching in the Gulf of Thailand and the Great whales encounter in Indian Ocean. Working closely with the Thai Government’s Authorities, Our company is responsible in Bryde’s whales photographic ID cataloguing and promoting the standard of Bryde’s whale watching guideline and the educational value of marine – cetacean conservation of this activity throughout the country and to set the higher standard of educational whale watching in South-east Asia region as well.

Individual Partners

  • Ana Mafalda Tomas Correia, Portugal
  • Andy Gilbert, UK
  • Anne Elphick, UK
  • Clive Martin, UK
  • Ewa Malinowska
  • Gina Gow, UK
  • Jo Blaise Martin, UK
  • John Fanshawe, UK
  • Julie Selby, UK
  • Kevin Morgan, UK
  • Jutta Brückner, Germany
  • Liz Cronin, Spain
  • Loes de Heus, Netherlands
  • Mónica Lozano Subiranas, UK
  • Malcolm Barradell, UK
  • Massimiliano Rosso, Italy
  • Mette Lubczyk, New Zealand
  • Olivier Schotte, France
  • Rachael Barber, UK
  • Rachael Fraser, UK
  • Rodrigo A. Martinez Catalan, Spain
  • Roger Mann, Portugal
  • Shambu Paudel, Nepal
  • Susie Crayfourd, UK
  • Terry Goble, UK
  • Wendy Van Gool, Belgium
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