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The World Cetacean Alliance represents an organization that’s foundation is built on a cooperative alliance of partners and individuals. The world wide scope of the WCA allows for communication and actions to be taken with a global point of view - Roy Mulder, Canadian Marine Environment Protection Society

As the world’s largest marine conservation partnership, the World Cetacean Alliance is the global voice for whales, dolphins and porpoises. Our partners work across the world and across the issues that affect cetaceans and their habitats; including pollution, ship strikes, fisheries management, captivity, responsible whale watching, whaling, and climate change.

The WCA’s network of partners work across over 40 countries and all of the world’s continents and oceans. Over 600 partner staff engage with 80 community projects, 57 research programmes, and 17 conservation initiatives. We gather data on over half of the world’s cetacean species, and advocate for change through a social media network that extends to over one million followers.

The WCA believes in responsible and sustainable marine tourism as a force for good. We have a track record of working with travel industry partners to encourage respectful wild whale and dolphin tourism that delivers clear benefits for local communities and provides high quality experiences for people wishing to travel to see some of the world’s most charismatic species.

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