Rachael Barber
Rachael Barber

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Catch up with the latest news from the WCA Partners, find out more about the work our Partners and the Alliance are doing and follow the adventures of our Responsible Whale Watching Guides and Interns.

News from the Partnership

Find the latest news from the WCA Partnership


The WCA Blog

Find out more about the work the WCA and its Partners are doing to protect whales, dolphins and porpoises.

Rachael Barber

Responsible Whale Watching Guides Blog

They’ve completed the course, now catch up with all the adventures of our Responsible Whale Watching Guides.


Could your adventures be next? Find out more about our courses.


Net Effect Interns Blog

In 2016 WCA ran a Field Research and Environmental Education Programme for its Net Effect campaign.


The Net Effect campaign was designed to raise awareness of ghost gear or discarded active fishing gear and its threat to cetaceans (and other marine life) that become entangled.


9 interns gained experience at WCA HQ in Brighton, UK before spending time with one of our Responsible Whale Watch Partners in Europe, North America, Latin America or Africa).


Their aim was to provide educational tools, strengthen research data and raise public awareness on how to reduce the global impact of ghost fishing gear and entanglement.


Here’s how they got on…

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