For Tour Operators

For Tour Operators

WCA works with tourism partners to develop world class responsible wild whale and dolphin watching portfolios through our business and site-based certification programmes. We provide opportunities for our tourism partners to provide their customers with rich and fulfilling experiences by:



  • Fostering a greater interest in viewing cetaceans in the wild;
  • Providing differentiation from other tour operators;
  • Enhancing the quality and the customer experience;
  • Enabling tour operators to capitalize on the growing demand for wild whale and dolphin


Here’s how we do it

Go Wild Level 1! – product evaluation


  • Identify all current wild whale and dolphin watching suppliers and produce a scoping document that assesses current standards. Recommendations suggest what will be required to bring suppliers up to ‘WCA Responsible Whale Watching’ certification standards.


Go Wild Level 2!  – level 1 + prospecting (identify the potential for additional product)


  • Assess all potential wild whale and dolphin watching suppliers, including assessment of potential to diversify product range across key destinations.
  • Identify “gaps” between potential supplier practices and certification requirements, and provide recommendations on targeted training to bring potential suppliers up to certification standard.
  • Identify potential targets for on-site workshops and explore feasibility and likely impact. Review findings and recommend specifics for implementation.


Go Wild Level 3!  – level 2 + whale-watching operator capacity-building (inc. workshops)


Confirm locations for on-site training events with significant need and potential for improving wild whale and dolphin watching practice.

  • Liaise with tour operator suppliers and other operators in destinations to drive engagement.
  • Plan workshop programme and create targeted training materials.
  • Conduct on-site and further remote training and host regional workshops to train current and potential suppliers to the standards required.
  • Continue to provide expert advice and guidance through the certification process.
  • Liaise with product staff to identify and raise awareness of responsible suppliers including:


  • Training for sales and product staff;
  • Liaison with third party suppliers such as Viatour;
  • Assistance with the development of communications materials to promote responsible whale and dolphin watching through certified suppliers;
  • Assist with marketing content to help promote and enhance destinations and product ranges.


Go Wild Level 4!  – level 3 + Whale Heritage Site development (world-class destination)


Identify and provide funding and training/capacity building resources in a key destination to assist the local community to gain certification as a Whale Heritage Site. Tourism partner will benefit as a destination sponsor, gain access to positive story-telling content, and will also be offered direct access to a range of responsible marine wildlife tourism products (whale watching, diving, bird watching, scenic boat tours etc.).


For more information contact us at or call us on +44(0)1273 355011.

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