For Event Organisers

For Event Organisers



The World Cetacean Alliance and its partners specialize in organising a range of large and small events focused on whale and dolphin conservation, responsible tourism, community engagement, training and capacity building.


We organise:

  • Regional and global conferences
  • Whale festivals
  • Workshops
  • Awards
  • Training courses
  • Community arts projects


World Whale Conference

The biannual World Whale Conference and Whale Heritage Sites Summit brings together representatives from tourist destinations, international institutions and the private sector along with global experts in tourism, sustainability and whale watching to discuss best practice case studies, showcase the host site, and agree strategies to cross-promote and market certified Whale Heritage Sites. All delegates will learn about the host destination through keynote speakers and site visits. The Whale Heritage Sites Summit and World Whale Conference involve a five to six day programme including a community event day, workshops, a 2-day World Whale Conference, a Whale Heritage Sites Summit, and an awards ceremony, incorporating site visits and excursions. Previous conferences have taken place in Brighton, UK (2012), Gloucester, USA (2013), Azores, Portugal (2015), and Durban, South Africa (2017). The forthcoming conference on 8th -11th October 2019 is co-hosted by Fraser Coast Tourism & Events (FCTE) and will promote Hervey Bay, Australia, as a destination leading the way in responsible whale and dolphin watching tourism and marine conservation.


Whale Heritage Sites Summit

The Whale Heritage Sites Summit celebrates the only certification for whale watching destinations, highlighting world class and sustainable whale watching sites and encouraging tourists to visit and respect them. Whale Heritage Site status is granted to those places around the world where cetaceans are celebrated through art, education, research and cultural events; and where sustainable practices and livelihoods are continually improved to ensure the health of cetacean habitats and the long-term economic health of human communities.


Whale festivals

The WCA organises and its partners organise and advice on a range of whale festivals and celebratory events. We specialise in a range of interactive experiences, including life-sized inflatable whales, virtual reality experiences, and silent discos. We combine science and the arts to inspire people about these incredible animals through music, film, literature, and story-telling, providing important take-home messages on how we can protect our oceans in a fun and engaging way.


Whale Conservation Awards

We award individuals, charities and businesses making outstanding contributions to whale and dolphin conservation through sustainability initiatives, research, community engagement, education, and more. We work with partners and sponsors to provide award winners with funds to continue and expand their vital work. Awards are given to world-leading initiatives in front of representatives from tourism destinations, international institutions and the private sector, along with global experts in sustainability, the arts, marine conservation, scientific research and commercial whale watching.


Community arts projects

Our community arts projects aim to increase public awareness and understanding of whales and dolphins by involving the local community and media and leaving an ‘arts legacy’.  Our arts projects highlight the ways in which local people and visitors can come together to celebrate cetaceans whilst learning about protecting and respecting the habitats in which these amazing mammals live.


Workshops and training courses

Our training courses and workshops are created to enable participants to gain unique skill sets and qualities relevant for practical use in the field.  We have worked with participants all over the world, inspiring them about whales and dolphins and enabling them to build new skills in a fun and relaxed environment.


We can:


  • Start your career as a marine naturalist guide
  • Develop and improve your educating and communication skills as a Whale Ambassador
  • Create tailor-made workshops and training sessions to match the needs of your company or destination
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