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Responsible Whale Watching Guides Course (UK)

5 day course
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Bec 2015

Responsible Whale Watching Guides Course (New Zealand)

5 day course
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Dolphins on Bow

Marine Guides Course (New Zealand)

15 day course
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Eva Whale 1

National Coordinator Skills Training Course

5 day course (available to WCA partners only)
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What we deliver

Our training courses and workshops are created to enable participants to gain unique skill sets and qualities relevant for practical use in the field.  We have worked with participants all over the world, inspiring them about whales and dolphins and enabling them to build new skills in a fun and relaxed environment.

We can

  • Start your career as a top marine educator and guide


  • Develop and improve your educating and guiding skills or the skills of your employees


  • Create tailor-made workshops and training sessions to match the needs of your company or destination

Please contact our Projects Team for any general queries relating to our training courses or workshops: projects@worldcetaceanalliance.org

During one of the trips I was on, we had a spectacular view of a humpback whale tail sailing. It left me feeling quite awestruck; seeing the tail slowly ascending and descending from the sea. I took countless photos of both its tail and dorsal fin, with the hope of capturing this unique display - WCA Responsible Whale Watching Guide Roxana Terranera @ Dolphin Encountours, Mozambique
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