01 Oct Partners and press

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Sharing the knowledge, expertise and inspiration of the Partnership to the public and the wider industry is vital. Our Responsible Whale Watching Partners represent the best in the industry. We should be encouraging the public to go with responsible operators.

Responsible Whale Watching App

Now available on Android! Coming soon on the Apple App Store

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The World Cetacean Alliance are proud to announce the launch of the world’s first responsible whale watching app!

‘WCA Responsible Whale Watching’ lists information for over 30 responsible whale and dolphin watching Partners, with key information on species seen, descriptions of tours, and case studies on their responsible whale watching practices!

Our Responsible Whale Watching App will showcase our Partners. Users will be able to search by region for our Responsible Whale Watching Partners and discover what makes them special and what they are doing in terms of responsible practices.

The App will also include a guide on what Responsible Whale Watching is and how to recognise a responsible operator as well as links to the WCA Social media channels.

WCA in the media

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