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Become a Partner

Get involved in something BIG! Join the WCA as a Partner and play an active role in the fastest growing international movement of experts and advocates for cetaceans…

How will you benefit as a Partner?

  • Increased influence as an organisation / individual representing a global coalition.
  • Participation in debates on the issues, policies, and strategies of the Alliance and in decision-making at Alliance meetings.
  • Acknowledgement and logo placement in all Alliance publications / websites.
  • Exclusive use of the World Cetacean Alliance name and logo.
  • International support for issues supported by the World Cetacean Alliance on behalf of individual Partners.
  • Access to the World Cetacean Alliance’s data holdings and the combined knowledge and expertise of the World Cetacean Alliance.
  • Collaboration in issues relating to cetacean conservation and welfare, campaigning, fundraising and other opportunities offered from within the World Cetacean Alliance.
  • Sharing in the success and achievements of the World Cetacean Alliance. worldwide.
  • Sharing of experience amongst the World Cetacean Alliance network.


The Alliance’s work will be funded by an annual membership fee. Each member (NPO, Whale and Dolphin Watch Tour Operator, or independent member of the public) will become a Partner with voting rights equal to other Partners.

Annual Partnership Fee

Fees are given below in UK Pound Sterling.

Individual Partner fees are fixed. Partnership fees for Non-Profit Organisations and Whale and Dolphin Watching Tour Operators are based on ability to pay. This is assessed with a tiered payment scheme depending on an organisation’s annual income (turnover) for the previous accounting year. The WCA Secretariat will request accounts from a sample of partners each year to confirm payment is correct.  Students will need to provide proof of enrollment.

Student Partner Fee: £50

Individual Partner Fee: £100

Non-Profit Organisation / Whale and Dolphin Watching Tour Operator Fees

Fees in UK Pound Sterling

Income up to £50,000: Partnership fee £150

Income £50,000 to £150,000: Partnership fee £350

Income £150,000 to £250,000: Partnership fee £500

Income £250,000 to £500,000: Partnership fee £750

Income more than £500,000: Partnership fee £950

Source: ExchangeRates.org.uk

For further info or to join the World Cetacean Alliance contact:

Amanda Flint, Partner Development Officer

Tel: +44(0)7900 471490, Email: membershipsec@worldcetaceanalliance.org

World Cetacean Alliance, Studio 3, Lower Promenade, Madeira Drive, Brighton BN2 1ET

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