04 Feb Responsible Whale Watching

Our Responsible Whale Watching Partners are developing joint initiatives to share scientific data, continually improve standards for whale and dolphin watching, and develop education programmes shared by onboard naturalists across the world.

Goals for 2016 for the WCA Working Group on Responsible Whale Watching include:

  1. Set, distribute and police minimum standards for responsible whale watching for all Whale and Dolphin Watch Partners of the WCA.
  2. Trial a joint educational initiative in which Partners across the world share the theme of ‘The Net Effect’ – ghost nets and entanglement; with associated positive actions for customers to take, and opportunities to gather data on ghost fishing gear hotspots.
  3. Develop and launch a new website that promotes the WCA Whale and Dolphin Watching partners as market-leaders for responsible whale and dolphin watching.
  4. Develop a guides’ exchange scheme to enable partners to share highly skilled and trained naturalist guides, and help to sustain livelihoods year-round.
  5. Relaunch the Responsible Whale Watch Awards to be hosted at the 2017 WCA World Whale Conference.
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