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01 Feb Our Stance

Captivity Statement


The World Cetacean Alliance advocates the protection of whales, dolphins and porpoises (collectively known as cetaceans) in their natural habitats in the wild and opposes the keeping of cetaceans in captivity for any purpose other than genuine rescue, rehabilitation and release or sanctuary. Whilst in captivity cetaceans should be housed only under the best possible conditions that strive to meet their physical and behavioural needs.

Strandings Statement


The World Cetacean Alliance contains various partners who work to provide aid in emergency situations for wild cetaceans, such as stranding events and entanglement. WCA supports on-site best practices in the rescue as a priority and if need be handling and transport.  If euthanasia is necessary this should only be done humanely. Whereas individual evaluation and triage will depend on each group and its professionals, every option should be considered and the animal’s survival should be the top priority, but without putting any person’s physical condition at risk at any time. Cetaceans in need of a long rehabilitation period, or permanent human care, should be held in coastal ocean sanctuaries, and captivity in a zoological/entertainment-focused facility should be avoided.

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