Photo: Entangled Humpback Whale by Christie McMillan / Mers Society

15 Oct The Net Effect

The WCAs ‘Net Effect’ campaign was launched over the weekend of World Ocean’s Day in June 2015 with the Net Effect Walk. Over those two day Partners and members of the public from around the world walked a stretch of their own local beach collecting and document ghost gear. All the gear collected was recorded in the WCA Partner World Animal Protection’s Sea Change Hub, which is documenting the global scale of the issue with the aim of moving governments and industry to work towards stopping it at its source.

In 2016 Partners of the WCA will join a large coalition to continue to work to reduce the impact of ghost nets on marine wildlife. Through the ‘Net Effect’, WCA’s unique network of Partners and our local to global approach, we will:

  • Spend a combined 4000 days at sea searching for ghost nets and releasing wildlife.
  • Save wildlife from ghost nets through the Net Effect.
  • Discover and measure the scale of the problem across the oceans in partnership with the Global Ghost Gear Initiative.
  • Target talking ‘nets’ with 500,000 people on the water through our education outreach programme.
  • Ask the public to help bring an end to ghost nets.
  • Provide training for marine guides to engage the public with interactive methods.

The WCA is proud to be part of the Global Ghost Gear Initiative and currently Chairs the ‘Build Evidence’ Working Group

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