13 Oct Whale Heritage Sites

Following three years of consultation with whale watching companies and the travel industry, the WCA launched Whale Heritage Sites on 4 April 2016 in response to a clear need to designate sites where cetaceans are respected in the wild and live in harmony with people. Whale Heritage Sites are a globally recognised way to identify destinations that implement and celebrate responsible and sustainable whale and dolphin watching. Whale Heritage Site accreditation will be awarded to destinations leading the way in sustainability and responsible management of whale and dolphin watching, and generating an appreciation of the culture and heritage surrounding cetaceans and their habitats.

They provide the travel industry with a clear marker to identify and support sustainable practice, and create a platform for destinations to promote their whale related culture, heritage and biodiversity.

Whale Heritage Sites will give tourists a clear way to select responsible whale and dolphin watching holiday destinations, encouraging them to experience these incredible animals in their natural habitat in a sustainable and responsible way.

Whale Heritage Site status will be designated to destinations that:

  • Maintain the highest standards of responsible whale and dolphin watching
  • Celebrate the cultural importance of whales and dolphins by engaging communities and tourists with the arts, science, music, education and events


Designation of a destination as a Whale Heritage Site will facilitate marketing and promotion, boost visitor numbers and the incomes of tourism providers, enable sustainable management of marine resources and celebrate history, the environment, and cultural identity. For more information go to: http://whaleheritagesites.org/

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